Aeroponics Farming System: An Ideal Home Gardening


The process of growing plants in a misty environment or air with no soil is called aeroponics. You need an aeroponics kit to do the process of air farming or gardening.

What is inside the kit?

In an aeroponicskit are:

  • Aeroponic 6-pot growing system
  • 4mm micro sprinkler threaded for Ae
  • Station plant aeroponic cloner
  • Turbo Klone pump

These are what you have in a kit. If you have them complete or a kit, you can successfully grow plants at home without the need for a large space.

What is an aeroponics system?

In an aeroponics system is when the roots are suspended in the air and will be irrigated with nutrient-dense mist; it is different from hydroponics. Hydroponics is when the roots are submerged in the water solution and nutrients. Aeroponics is a growing method that is soil-less. It allows access to greater oxygen levels and prevents the water from logging resulting in higher yields and faster growth rates.

What to grow on an aeroponics farm?

There are various types of crops that you can grow in an aeroponic system. Many of them make a good business case and boast impressive environmental benefits. Here is a list of crops you can grow in an aeroponic system:

  • Microgreens
  • Herbs, leafy greens, and salads
  • Tree whips
  • Fruiting crops
  • Rooting crops

Now, if you only have limited space at home and want to grow these crops in the backyard or even on the rooftop, then you can have them. There is no need for garden soil or any medium to provide the nutrients that the plant needs. You can have the kit alone and you can have happy farming at home.

Is aeroponics good for a greenhouse?

Aeroponics has been inaccessible for large-scale growers in the greenhouse industry. The nozzles are used in the typical aeroponic irrigation systems, which often leads to:

  • Maintenance issues
  • Impacting profitability
  • The efficiency of crop production

There are farmers and crop growers who developed ultrasonic aeroponics that uses high-frequency sound waves that will do the shaking of water to generate a nutrient-rich mist. The mist will irrigate the plant roots while allowing max access to oxygen, which the process leads to:

  • faster growth times
  • healthy plant roots
  • flourishing crops

Without nozzles, glasshouse or greenhouse growers can use the aeroponics method of farming to maximize production while using up to 95% less water rather than outdoor agriculture.

Transform crop production

The innovation is a combination of advanced aeroponics with the standard mobile bench systems that allow seamless retrofit in a large-scale glasshouse or greenhouse.

Now, crop growers and farmers can have innovative crop production for several benefits:

  • healthier roots
  • improved growth rates
  • increased annual turnover

The growers run aeroponics along their hydroponic systems, growing diverse ranges of crops or creating a dedicated aeroponic facility.

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