All you need to know about satellite kitchens


A kitchen is the heart of the restaurant where all the magic happens. There are different kinds of kitchen depending on the restaurant type. Most common one is the central kitchen where every item and inventory is available. Recently, a new type of kitchen known as satellite kitchen is gaining popularity.

Satellite kitchens are established to serve a particular outlet as the main kitchen is unable to cater to due to its location disadvantage. They are usually sufficient for preparation work but may depend upon the main kitchen for sourcing main kitchen items and stocks like sauce, gravy etc. This type of kitchen is most popular for specialty restaurants situated away from the main kitchen such as Continental, Chinese, Mexican etc.

To overcome the hassles of geography and distantly located restaurants of a particular chain, they are the best solution to keep the business running smoothly.

How to manage them?

Satellite kitchens are a boon for a fast paced restaurant and with multiple outlets but managing a satellite kitchen is tactful. The challenge is to keep a tab on how much dependency is required on the main kitchen and how much a satellite kitchen can function on its own.

To maintain a connection between a satellite and a central kitchen there needs to be an end-to-end restaurant management system for smooth operations. A restaurant Point of Sales (POS) can be installed in order to manage the day to day tasks seamlessly. A new-age POS helps in tracking, simplifying order process, pilferage & theft alerts, advance menu management & generating insights.

A proper Supply Chain Management (SCM) will also help with upkeep of the inventory needs that may be shared between satellite kitchens and the central kitchen.

Satellite Kitchens are by far the easiest and simplest form of kitchen management. Restaurant chains can easily manage and fulfill their day-to-day operations without much dependence on centralized kitchens. This ensures effective and timely delivery of orders.

Restaurant management systems like Restaurant POS System and SCM System help in overall management of any kind of restaurant operations.

How does a restaurant POS help?

It helps in managing all tasks on one platform like bill management, tracking orders, customising offers and maintaining daily reports.

How does a SCM system help?

It helps by removing complexities by optimising inventory, recipe and managing vendors from any location.

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