Begin Your Journey to Become a Dance Influencer With Shakti Mohan!


With the rising trend of short videos, dance influencers got the best platform to showcase their talent. Many creators gained worldwide popularity using short video apps with high engagement rates. Shakti Mohan established herself as one of the best dance influencers; her career journey set an excellent example for beginners.

The short videos app allows you to upload videos of 30 to 60 seconds. It brings more engagement from the audience. Shakti Mohan is famous for her impressive dance moves; she often creates short videos projecting her new acts, bloopers, and how-to dance videos & shares the best tips.

Let’s get the best insights about short dance videos that may work for you to become a trendy dance influencer like Shakti Mohan.

Build a Community

Famous dance influencers like Shakti Mohan start with less number of followers. However, her consistency in creating engaging dance videos attracts many followers. So, as a beginner creator, focusing on building a good community will take time.

Consistent uploading of content on the best short video apps will increase the chance of getting your content reposted. You will never know which content form works for you & make the video go viral.

Find the Trendy Hashtags

Most Dance influencers like Shakti Mohan use hashtag challenges to engage their followers. Also, she collaborated with other creators to vibe on their trends, which derived more content interactions. To attract new followers, join this challenge, use trendy hashtags, and publish videos. Optimize the description of videos with the right hashtags; otherwise, the algorithm will not track your content.

For instance, leave a hashtag like #dance on your videos to create a significant impact!

Add Fun to Your Choreography

The internet is flooded with a lot of content based on dance choreography. As new creators, add a fun element to your dance videos as it will help capture the audience’s attention. Shakti Mohan’s dance is too funny & also comprises the best choreography.

Make sure your dance videos stand out like Shakti Mohan. Despite following others, she takes inspiration from top dancers and creates her unique style. You can try to be like Shakti Mohan and try something new to create your style!

Sounds Can Create a Difference!

Shakti Mohan creates videos using trendy videos, which helps her to wash away many new followers. Well-performing videos of Shaki Mohan dance videos contain trendy songs & music. As an influencer, you can keep yourself updated with the latest & trending songs to create the next content.

Create your own choreography in the same song trend & grab a golden chance to stand apart from other dancers.

Add More Bloopers

Most users love to engage with content that includes bloopers or behind-the-scenes of dance videos. Shakti Mohan regularly updates bloopers in her feed that attracts more engagement & followers. Bloopers make it more real & funny and also show creators’ hard work behind making the perfect videos.

As a newbie on the journey of becoming a dance influencer, you should add short videos of your dance practice that act like a blooper. It will help you drive more engagement and attract new followers.

Multiple Dance Genres

Don’t stick to any single dance type, as after some time, it will bore the followers. Dance is a creative way of art; influencers can express themselves through dance moves. Shakti Mohan keeps reinventing her content videos to maintain the same level of engagement & interaction.

If you know more than one dance format, it will be the cherry on the cake! Use your talent & bring fresh content to grab more attention & followers.

Interact With Other Influencers

The collaboration will be one of the best ways to increase engagement & become a more popular influencer on short video apps. Shakti Mohan interacts with other creators and records dance moves with them. It makes the best amalgamation of two creator’s followers.

So, you can learn from her collaboration strategy. Interaction with other creators will help you stay motivated & increase learning.

Rebuild Yourself

No one is perfect in this world! Even top creators like Shakti Mohan practice regularly to uplift their dancing skills. To make a name for themselves & building a big community took a lot of effort & hard work. There is no shortcut to consistent practice to become the best dance influencer!

It would be effective to make a habit of daily practice & record your moves to create short videos. Be consistent with uploading videos on such platforms as it pushes forward the content more & expands reach.

Wrapping Up!

You don’t have to copy her moves entirely to become the best dance influencer like Shakti Mohan. Start with basics, work on your dance steps, and slowly open the path of becoming a famous dance influencer. Also, the best short video apps, like Hipi, help create a significant impact on the audience. Download the trendy platform like Hipi & start your dance influencer journey!

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