Creating a Lasting Impression with Flush Doors


Whether it’s your home or your office, creating a lasting first impression is a must. Your front door makes the first impression on your esteemed guests and as the saying goes “You Never Get a Second Chance to make a First Impression”.  That is why, we, at Century Doors present to you our wide portfolio of stunning and mesmerizing wooden flush doors. 

The Beauty of Flush Doors 

Today, the aesthetically pleasing and ever so sturdy plywood Flush Doors, have become an integral part of almost every household and office space. Most of these doors are made with high-grade plywood and comprise of a core blockboard.

A plywood door is made up of four components – Frame, Filler, Core and Face.

The Frame is made up of Vertical Stiles and Horizontal Rails which comprise two pieces of plywood each. The cavity between the plywood pieces is then filled with solid wood fillers. The Core is then added to eliminate waviness for a smooth surface. The Face, a layer of laminate or decorative veneer is finally glued to the Core, giving the door its aesthetic looks.

At Century Ply, we provide Best Security Doors with larger and uniform frame, compact solid wood filling, boiling water proof core and smooth surface for strong bonding of laminates/decorative veneer ensuring quality and looks of the highest standards.

Why Install Flush Doors in Your Home or Business? 

If you are still unsure about installing Flush Doors, here are few of the many reasons that will help you decide:

Easy Maintenance: 

These doors are made from superior quality wood and have a solid core with plywood on the outside. Dusting it with a damp cloth will get rid of the dust on the door; and if you want to change the feel of the door, all you require is a fresh coat of paint to immediately give the space a makeover.

Economically Priced: 

The Flush Door manufacturing process promotes cost savings through minimizing wastage of wood. The benefit therefore when passed on to the Customers, make these high quality doors extremely affordable.

Strong and Durable: 

The compact built and hard surface of the Flush Doors provide the perfect security to your home and office premises, showing no signs of impact, even on attempts of forced entry. The doors thus possess inherent beauty without any compromise on strength and durability.

Borer and Termite-proof: 

A borer and termite attack can cut short the life of your Door. The Doors at Century Ply, are made from chemically treated woods, thus making them borer and termite proof. Thus Century Doors stay strong and last long.

No Risk of Warping: 

Century Flush Doors do not age with time. Even after years of use, they remain as good as new with no distortion or warping of wood. Time stands still for Century Doors.

In Conclusion 

Flush Doors have an irresistible charm and provide the ultimate security and look to your household and office spaces. Once you invest in Century Flush Doors, you will have “Suraksha ki Guarantee”

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