Do People Really Lose Their Money When They Resell Their Diamond Jewelry?


Diamond jewelry sets are those valuable assets of our lives that are precious, charming, and fantastic ornaments to wear. We cannot be bored of it any time soon. Their charismatic design, fine cuts, shape, size, and colors make them one of the most desired assets. Jewelry buyers fond of diamond shopping sprees are always on a hunt to get a valuable stone for their collection, which can offer them a higher market value in the case of a resale.

Diamonds as assets are a sign of longevity as they are bound to survive in the long run; therefore, most jewelry buyers invest in them, keeping in mind that they can get good resale worth later. Diamond purchase and resale are probably considered a similar process; however, the one aspect that distinguishes them both is the price factor.

The resale price of a diamond can be lower or higher than the actual value that the owner paid in the past. And it depends upon numerous factors, such as the natural condition of the diamond, its present-day market value, the cut, design, and precision. People who aspire to sell off their old diamond jewelry have numerous questions regarding the resale process. Like how much they can get in the market, or should they set a minimum price beforehand, etc. 

At What Price Should You Sell Your Diamond Jewelry?

If you’re interested in giving away your diamond to a jewelry reseller, you must have a fair idea of how much you can earn from the deal. On a standard basis, you may face a loss in the deal because ordinary diamond jewelry may lose its monetary worth once it is sold. However, you can still get a handsome amount if you possess a rare, luxurious stone. Let’s take an example (figures are hypothetical)- You purchased a diamond for 1000 bucks and wished to sell it in the market. The reseller provides you good 750 dollars, which means the profit margin for the reseller is 25%. These calculations are supposed to differ because of the actual rate differences of diamonds in the jewelry market. 

Where Can You Sell Your Diamond Jewelry?

The next thing that follows the price estimation of your diamond is to locate places where you can get profitable deals. Luxury jewelry stores and diamond resellers can be your sources to acquire the best prices for your diamonds! You may choose a solitary reseller among all your possible sources after carefully evaluating certain factors, like resale price, store credibility, existing customer testimonials, etc. Most brick-and-mortar shops would pay the unjustified amounts for your diamond; therefore, you must be careful in analyzing various resellers and finally going with the one where you see a great opportunity!

Have Realistic Expectations For Your Jewelry

Reselling a piece of jewelry might always not be as profitable as expected. You must keep a realistic price expectation even from known jewelry resellers. The resale market of diamonds is extensive but intricate, so getting yourself a good deal with standard-sized diamonds becomes even more difficult. Although, in some cases, the diamonds are widely appraised before being put on the resale market. To get a price in the best-case-possible, you can appraise your diamonds from a credible jeweler keep their original paperwork and packaging intact and preserved to evince their genuineness. 

Avoid Scammy Pawn Shops

A pawn shop is a spot that allows individuals to place their precious diamond stones as security or collateral in return for a credit amount. Even though these spots are an essential part of the reselling marketplace for jewels, there are often cases in the news that say much about the ill-fated scam schemes of such pawn shops. Because they do not follow a credible loan agreement procedure, they are obliged to sell off your precious diamond if you miss repaying the loan amount. Such unverified stones often replicate your original possession and are not always a guarantee that you will get a fair value of your asset.

Avoid Jewelry Stores With No Past Record

Last but not least, considering local shops is just as not good as reaching out to scammy pawn shops. If you wish to get a better deal, avoid stepping into a local jewelry store that lacks credibility and good customer reviews. Such places are likely to offer you a deal that might seem alluring but could go wrong as they may fail to present legal agreements regarding the sales agreement. 


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