Fine jewellery must-haves for every party goer


Jewellery is not just a style statement but an expression. Your choice of jewellery speaks a lot about yourself, the choice of colours, shapes, designs, metals everything describes your choice and style taste. The online market has given access to numerous options in jewellery and has significantly raised the bars of jewellery market. If you are a regular party goer, no matter how many ornaments you own it is never going to be enough. It is important to be in sync with trends and show off your flair for latest fashion. Although, at times when you really want to strike out in the crowd and carry a glamorous look you need something that grabs attention in a blink of an eye. Or at times you might be attending an elite event or a party where the usual jewellery would possibly make you look underdressed. At such times when you need to change your causal style and look special, fine jewellery can work wonders. Just to make the hassle of choosing the fine jewellery that will elevate any look, we have brought this guide of must-have fine jewellery pieces that every party enthusiast can follow.

1.Two tone earrings – Unusual yet sophisticated, two-toned earrings arefine piece of art carved in two metals. The lustrous shine andtwo metal colours give the earrings a contemporary look. For the times when you can’t decide whether to go for an elite white gold jewellery or a jazzy yellow gold. Switch to a pair of two-toned earrings that gives the best of both worlds along with an unconventional look.

2.Solitaire diamond stud earrings– Solitaire diamond, that is a single diamond jewellery. Diamond stud earrings never go out of fashion. One of the major reasons being the classic stud pattern combined with timeless diamonds. Apart from the luxurious appeal it carries the solitaire diamond stud earrings, it is considered as an investment.

3.Diamond chain pendants – If you want to slay in your minimalistic look and look your glamorous best then here is the way to go. Elegant and simple, diamond chain pendants make an apt choice to spruce up any look. There are different intriguing designs available in pendants like floral-shapes, heart-shaped, designer, gemstones and more. You can keep your own collection of pendants and flaunt new look every time you step out.

4.Diamond set–There is a reason why they call diamonds as every lady’s best friend. The shine of a diamond can lit up any woman’s face and double her confidence. Diamond set has been choice to make a fashion statement by any famous women including celebrities and queens. Select a set of sparking diamond necklace with complementing earrings and be ready to mesmerise everyone in room.

5.Diamond rings– There is no doubt that diamond rings make a treasured possession. Be it a promise to be made or a fashion statement, diamond rings never fail to solve the purpose and stun everyone in room with its shine. If you like to flaunt your love for detailing, choose an intricately crafted piece of fine-cut diamond ring. The platter of diamond rings is vast consisting various styles like solitaire ring, wide band, designer white gold, white rhodium rings and more. You can also include a fine diamond ring in the collect of your stacked rings and give it an imperialappeal.

So every party enthusiast there, if you like to sway your unique style quotient then follow this guide to fine fashion jewellery and be prepared to gather appreciation.

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