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Pendant lights are going trendy nowadays and have found its place in many houses. However, very few would know that this type of lighting is not entirely a new concept. It has roots in history. At first, it was just a hanging clay lamp. Then with time glass pendant lights came into the scene. Now, you can find innumerable pendant lights in the market, which will not lose to any other lighting fixture in terms of brilliance.

Finding beautiful lightings is easy in today’s market, but very few would be able to provide unique and customized fixture. Sofary does the same for its customers worldwide. You can customize your own crystal pendant light with their expert manufacturing teams. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can also return the unused and undamaged product within 30 days.

What Is A Pendant Light?

Pendant lights are quite different in structure from other lighting options, but it is a smaller alternative of chandeliers. Chandeliers are branched or cluster lighting, whereas pendant lights are single hanging fixtures. It imitates the jewelry ‘pendant’, which is worn with a neck chain. The main focus is the single piece of jewelry dangling from the chain. Thus, the name pendant lighting came around.

They are also called a drop or suspender since the single shade is hanged from the ceiling with a chain or rod. This is the prominent feature of a pendant light. The dynamic market has taken pendant lighting to a different level with innovative designs and style. What was once a crude lighting is now a style statement of most of the well-furnished modern houses.

Benefits of Pendant Lighting

There are various choices of lightning fixtures, but what is so special about pendant lights? If you think up to this, it is not hard to see the use of pendant lighting for your house.

  • When you consider the size of the room or specified space, you might find that a chandelier is not suited but nothing less is acceptable. A pendant light would fit the space quite smoothly and you can obviously choose a gorgeous design to liven it up a bit more.
  • The installation is much easier. You just need a single point of hanging and do not have to think much about the weight unlike with chandeliers.
  • It is definitely less costly than a chandelier.
  • Even in a wider space you can use a pendant light effectively. You can either choose to use the pendant lighting along with other lighting options to illuminate a vast expanse of area or you can arrange multiple pendant lights with varying heights to replace a single chandelier. For a larger area it is reasonable to use such arrangements for proper lighting.

You can use pendant lights anywhere in the house if there is a necessity. Keeping in mind the requirements of the area, you can easily introduce it. Remember the size guide for chandeliers is also applicable for the pendant lighting. Pick the right one for your space.

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