How to Get Your Impound Car Insurance Policy Cover?


If your car has been impounded, you will have to present evidence that it’s certified before it’s released. Impounded car insurance also called seized car insurance will help you reunite.  Report research did state that over one hundred thousand cars have been imposed or immobilized in the UK each year. If your car happens to be one of them you will realize that not only does it inconvenience you but also costly. In spite of having insurance when your car is seized, it might not cover all the costs of emancipation from an impoundment. Some insurers might not give you the insurance cover that you need according to the law so that the authorities return your car to you.

Once your car gets impounded, you are given a span length of seven days for you to reclaim your car back from the impound. Failure to do so, within fourteen days your car will either be sold or destroyed. Here is where getting impound insurance saves you the trouble. Some of the benefits specifically designed for car owners who have impound insurance include; –

  • Carriage of your own goods.
  • An arranged insurance cover for vehicles.
  • Insurance cover for impoundment.
  • SDP use. (Social Domestic and Pleasure).
  • Car sharing fully covered.
  • Medical Expenses Insurance cover. This also includes a maximum of four passengers each £100.
  • A third force impound insurance.

Impound insurance is only convenient for drivers at the age of 21years to 68years subject to satisfying underwriting conditions. There are certain occupations that are not included. Make sure you inquire for details. The policy is protected by Granite Cover Insurance.

Reasons why your can be impounded.

  • You have packed your car illegally either on private property or a public highway.
  • Your car is on a public road with no valid car or road tax.
  • The car is causing danger or is acting as a hindrance on the road.
  • The car was used to commit a crime.
  • The car is being ridden in an offensive manner. Either careless, insensitive, and off-road driving with no lawful authority. Which in the end might lead to distress or cause harm to the public?
  • The driver doesn’t have the right driving license.
  • The car is on private property and hasn’tbeenproclaimed through a Statutory Off-RoadNotification.

Who is allowed to impound your car when the above are violated?

Here are some organizations that have been authorized to impound or clamp your car.

  • Local Authorities.
  • The Police.
  • The DVSA (Driverand Vehicle Standard Agency).
  • The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).
  • Fines Enforcement Authorities.

How to get your impounded car released.

You will have to; –

  • Present an authentic driving license.
  • Provide valid proof that you are the real owner of the car.
  • Provide an authentic MOT certificate.
  • Pay emancipation fee and any incurred storage charges.

Present a valid car insurance cover that will underwrite you for a period of about thirty days from the day your car is released.

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