How to Make Sure Conference Attendees Use Their Conference Gift Bag


Gifting conference bags to event attendees is a great way to create a positive impression of your company among them. It promotes your event and business. One problem is that this strategic technique is not a novel idea and most of us have a long-forgotten stash of promotional bags tucked in the corner of our closet.

How do we ensure our promotional product isn’t left in a corner to rot?

You have to provide event attendees something that they’ll need. Whenever a customer receives a freebie, he/she would consider if they really do need the item and then decide to pack it or toss it away. They are likely to take a product home if:

  • It has attendee-specific information
  • Electronics
  • Trendy clothing
  • Something for children

There are some items that always end up in the garbage including printed collateral, super-branded items, low-quality items, things that won’t pass airport security. Stay away from all items that fall into this category. You have to pitch in more creativity when selecting custom recycle bag for conference.

Selecting a bag:

Stay away from boring designs and colors. Black is versatile but it wouldn’t turn heads. Opt for vivid, interesting fabric and choose a design this is more practical. To ensure quality of products, purchase only from reputed manufacturers of wholesale custom bags like Custom Earth Promos. They have a better selection of products and make prompt delivery.

How to do things differently?

Since many conference organizers give away bags, you can make few changes to the strategy by making small changes.

  • Create more demand to your event by offering only a limited number of bags and fill it with tech products/gift cards/ other useful souvenirs.
  • If many people would be attending the event, you could give those bags to the first 100 people who register.
  • Make them as lucky-draw gifts.
  • You could reward these bags to high-performance employees.
  • Offer few color choices and let them pick a favorite

Customize the bag in a classy way so that people won’t feel uncomfortable using it in public. Instead of adding the logo in the exterior, you could add it to the lining of the bag. If people are travelling from other cities to attend the event, avoid large bags since they won’t have room to accommodate it. In that case choose smaller bags and add lightweight goodies in them.

Versatile treats that can be included in the conference bag:

Sports garments: Quality sports clothing with minimal branding works great. They are ideal if your event attendees comprise of doctors, business executives, lawyers etc.

Headphones: Depending on your budget you can choose a compact set or a high-end one. People are less likely to throw it away.

Food and beverages: Who would turn down a surprise snack in the middle of a busy day? It could be a cookie, tea, coffee or wine.

Toys for children: If most of the attendees fall between the age group 30 and 50, there are more chances they have a children or nephew/niece. Gender-neutral toys like a Lego set works perfect.

Work out a conference gift bag that is too appealing to throw away. Think it out being in the attendee’s shoes and come up with a knockout idea.

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