How to prepare for the class 10th Mathematics examination?


Mathematics is one of the most scoring subjects in the class 10th examination. If you score very well in this subject, then you will most likely get a subject of your choice. Mathematics is all about practice. Students should avoid rote mugging and last-minute preparation. To score optimally in this examination, you must download ncert maths book class 10 pdf in englishNext, check out these steps, for making your journey successful and claiming the top spot in 10th Mathematics examination.

 1) Examine the exam pattern very carefully.

 Besides solving the NCERT book carefully, you must examine the 10th standard exam pattern from the beginning of the session. You will get instant acquaintance with the exam pattern including several short answer questions, very short answer questions and questions having long answers. Additionally, you will also be familiar with marks allotment for each section.

 2) You should know the syllabus thoroughly.

 Know the syllabus very well before starting the preparation for the Mathematics examination. This will help you immensely, in creating a better study plan. The number of chapters and topics, which have to be finished in the whole session.

 3) Formulas should be memorized.

 Keep a separate notebook for the formulas and memorize them by heart. You should list them from the various chapters. 

4) Create a study schedule.

 Before commencing your preparation, make a proper schedule. Keeping a schedule puts you on the correct path and helps you study at a slow time. You must devote around two hours daily for practising Mathematics. 

5) Solve diligently the problems in the NCERT Mathematics textbook

Once, you have commenced the preparation, then you must solve the questions in the NCERT Mathematics textbook. If you get stuck, then you must consult ncert solutions for class 10 english and then get the solutions. Among other books, you can consult RD Sharma’s book on Mathematics also.

 6) Try to do a lot of tutoring.

 One of the best ways, by which you can make your concepts solid is by doing a lot of tutoring. As soon as you finish one topic, say Algebra, then you must try to teach it online to other students, if possible for free, or very low charges. This will only strengthen your concepts and make your basics very strong.

 7) Choose a good group circle. 

If possible, choose a very good group circle, which will assist you in learning the subject thoroughly. Check our website for more information.

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