How Working With The Right Partner Can Help Avoid Common Data Mistakes?


As data gets more essential to companies and the need to process and deal with massive data sets increases every day, the more common the problems and mistakes related to data quality appear. To make sure that your company will have high-quality data 100% of the time, you’ll need to ensure that the entire data flow is working correctly, and the necessary checks are being done.

One of the first things that need to be taken into consideration in order to avoid mistakes is choosing the right partner to provide you with data services in general, especially data aggregation services. If you’re making critical business decisions relying on the data and information you have available, they need to be mistake-free and accurate.

Collecting, storing, managing and analyzing data are essential components that you have to look carefully at to keep the data effective. Data aggregation is the process that the majority of companies adopt to process large amounts of raw data and summarize it in quantitative formats in order to get insights – it’s a better way of gathering large amounts of data, from several sources, and organizing it into one single format in order to better research, consume and analyze the data.

The potential of making mistakes during this process is high, so that’s why having great partners to provide your company with good data aggregation services will help you avoid common data mistakes.

The Most Common Data Aggregation Mistakes

With data aggregation, your business can have steady access to powerful insights from the key metrics, like revenue, production and earnings. It’s a crucial stream of information that can be used by all verticals inside your company. But as we mentioned above, there are a few common mistakes related to data aggregation that can be easily avoided.

  • Duplicated data: Data duplication can become a major headache for anyone dealing with it and also create a negative impact on your company’s money. Having double-counting of data will lead to false insights and wrong decision-making.
  • Security and data sharing issues: Aggregated data is more valuable, more secure and will most likely be in compliance with regulations – that can be a real issue depending on which field your company is located, like finance, law or healthcare. Aggregated data is anonymized, so it’s less risky to share, but the issues with oversharing and data breaches cannot be forgotten. The owners of the data and the data administrators must have major control over all data sharing inside your company.
  • Incomplete data: Having incomplete data sets is another mistake that will directly impact decision-making, insights, and deeper analyzes – which will lead to productivity issues, impact on revenue, production, costs, etc. Collecting and curating data from the source and ensuring that they are all in the same format, complete and easy to be looked at is one of the best benefits of data aggregation.

How the Right Partner Will Avoid Those Mistakes

A good data partner will provide your company with a good data aggregation service that will meet your company’s needs, and they will also avoid the common mistakes we listed above.

1. They’ll become an extension of your organization

One of the first things to consider before selecting a partner is how they’ll fit into your company’s needs and how they will provide value for the data you already have. If this, this partner will understand how your business operates, what are the priorities, key metrics, goals, and targets, so they can clean the data sets, validate what’s useful, aggregate and turn the data into valuable insights.

2. Deploying data tools:

A good data aggregation service provider will deploy inside your company the tools and applications needed to solve or reduce almost all common data mistakes, while having the expertise to work on the root of any issues that may occur to stop them from happening again. Those tools and applications will store and process data and keep it in an easy summary for analysis. Plus, this partner will provide secure tools that will reduce any possibility of data leakage.

3. They’ll go beyond data aggregation:

An experienced partner will not stop at this one single process if the goal is to keep your data with the maximum quality. They will recommend the right strategies, models and programs needed to keep the entire data flow working perfectly and accurately.

The Best Partner in Data

Mt. Airy Technologies, Inc., with their innovative platform, Emissary, is a service-oriented company before anything else.  They share their expertise through advisory and consultation with their clients, working to provide not only the best software, but also the best service and experience.

Don’t settle for partners that aren’t consultative, forward-thinking, and interested in helping your business succeed.  A good partner is curious about you and your business challenges, and excited when you are successful.

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