The trade-offs you’ll come across for leading the life of your dreams


We’re currently living in a global pandemic situation and hence our main focus has been on different mitigation techniques and strict containment in order to contain the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. While we give in our best efforts to keep this virus at bay, all of us have halted our lives along with the economies of the world.

With that said, there are an increasingly large numbers of politicians who are constantly warning us about the heinous circumstances that may arise due to a constant shutdown. This even includes the skyrocketing rates of anxiety attacks, suicidal attempts and depression cases.

So, we can’t deny that life is a trade-off, in fact a series of trade-offs.  If you don’t know trade-off meaning, it is a compromise or a balance that we achieve between two incompatible features of our life. Let’s check out how these trade-offs are balanced so that we can find the true meaning of our lives.

Uncertainly is the greatest trade-off we face

Our parents, teachers and aunts always establish a path on which we are expected to walk through our lives. But where does this path lead us to? Can this path guarantee us all the security and necessities that we need in life? If this route is said to be so important, why are there so many people suffering from anxiety bouts, sleepless nights or work-related stressors?

Comfort and security aren’t the only things that satiate us; the thrill and excitement of creating something by your own also bring in a purpose to our life. All these come with a high level of uncertainty. While some are comfortable with uncertainty, some others are not. They are not able to deal with it.

Dealing with expectations of the society versus our own

Our society has always had a well-defined meaning of success and the people of the society have always loved to thrust that on us. You have to be an MBA from a premium institution, you should have a 6-figure salary and you should own a lofty title that you earned on your own. Now there are many who are not able to abide by the norms set by the society and not able to come to terms with the harassment, they often think of ending their lives.

You have to understand what you want. Ask yourself what success means to you? Does it conform to how the society defines success? If it doesn’t, you needn’t worry about it as you have to lead your life on your own terms. Learn to feel happy by being different from others. You have to stand out of the crowd by the things that you can do. Don’t fall prey to the pressures of the society as this is yet another trade-off of life.

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