Top Places To Visit During Your Dubai Tour


Dubai is well-known for its attractive buildings and towers. The entire city does not dishearten the visitors in terms of glamour too. It is needless to mention that the high-rise buildings and even shopping malls of this city make it a premium destination in the middle east. Dubai is not just be famous for gold markets, lovely skyscrapers, shopping malls, mosques, and even desert spots but there is much mor the city has to offer. Just book your room in the hotels in dubai for your next trip to this amazing region of the world.

Come on, you have no idea how this city trip could be a great experience for you. It would get you a different pinch in terms of luxury, charm and advancements. So, once you are in dubai, make sure that you visit the following spots:

Palm jumeirah

It is a wonderful man-made island in the form of a palm tree and there is a reason why folks who are living in the local areas say ‘only in dubai.’ palm jumeirah is definitely one of the hugest artificial islands in the entire world and a triumph of human ingenuity. Locals as well as tourists alike relish the palm’s vast array of high-end hotels and more.

Burj Khalifa

This iconic and massive tower is the highest in the world. It is not at all required to say, everyone needs to check this wonder out. There’s an observation deck called “At the Top” at this place you can even have a complete glimpse of Dubai’s city horizon.   The height of this amazing tower would give you the convenience to witness the entire beauty of Dubai in a single span of short time. You would feel as if the entire city is landscaped in front of you.

Dubai creek

Dubai could be popular for the style and even glamour of its sky-high towers, but you know the real heart of this city is, and always going to be, the creek. The saltwater estuary here is the original site in which the bani yas tribe settled, and the waters at this place were vital for what used to be Dubai’s prime forms of economy: pearl diving and even fishing. In the contemporary time, the area is overflowing with the history of the emirate, as it is the residence to the dubai museum along with the complex alleyways of the gold, textile souks and even spice. When you are at the creek, a ride throughout the water on a conventional abra is an absolute must. You can definitely have amazing time at this amazingly wonderful place.

Don’t miss the vibrant kite beach

It is the perfect place to test out your water sports skills, but there is much to do out of the water at the popular spot.  You can have a wonderful time at the cares, restaurants and tasty food stalls at this place. Diverse types of activities going on here are going to give you a rich time.   You would have a memorable and adventurous time at this place for sure.

Dubai Frame

Resting slap-bang between Dubai’s older areas clustered around the creek and even the city’s modern stretch, this massive sized 150-meter-high picture frame is one of the lately developed sights of this city. Within it, a sequence of galleries paddle you through the city’s history and even explore Emirati heritage before you even travel up to that Sky Deck, where there are wonderful panoramas of both old and even new Dubai to fetch snapped on the viewing platforms.


To sum up, you should also not miss out on the waterpark in dubai to ensure you have that thrilling moments too. The post has just shared a few of the manifold places that you can see in dubai.

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