Top-Rated Interior Designers In Philadelphia You Should Know About


Seeking to transform your home but do not know how to find the right interior designer or where to begin? Then you are in luck as interior designer Philadelphia has combined a comprehensive list so that you will be spoiled.

NGD Interiors

A kitchen designer who evolved into residential interior and commercial design in the Philadelphia Area is Nina Green, President & Principal Interior Designer at NGD Interiors. NGD Interiors has been featured in several magazines and digital outlets such as Architectural Digest.

This women-owned and women-operated firm works with the excitement of a well-experienced team and fresh perspectives to project their client’s uniqueness. NGD Interiors is a multi-awarded interior designing firm that will spoil your every sense with the utmost attention to detail.

Ashli Mizell

Once an Art History student, Ashli’s work is founded on the basic principle of good design. Ashli finds her inspiration in her obsession with travel, classic films, vintage cars, and the rambling flea market.

Ashli’s work boasts of crisp lines, fine materials, handsome detailing, and functionality. Her custom approach to meet her clients’ demands inspires a playful mix of styles, resulting in the most satisfying collaborations.

Rough-hewn pieces, refined fabrics, and family heirlooms almost always find their way into Ashli Mizell’s space. Architectural Digest, Philadelphia Style, and Traditional Home are some of the many places that feature her work.

Décor Aid

As one of the country’s top interior design firms, Décor Aid is transforming interior design’s old-school art by making luxurious designs effortlessly accessible. The firm encompasses world-class designers handpicked from the nation’s most reputable firms.

Décor Aid offers free consultation services. Visit their offices, and any of their designers will help you define your needs and come up with a proposal at no extra fee. New York Magazine, House Beautiful, and Elle Décor are some of Décor Aid’s most incredible works.

Michael Shannon Designs

With over two decades’ experience, Michael Shannon Designs is a full-service interior décor firm located in Center City, Philadelphia. The firm has over 300 projects under its name, ranging from private residences and professional firms to businesses and learning institutions.

The process begins with identifying a projects’ goals, the client’s particular needs and wants, and space limitation. The firm’s experts combine three–dimensional space expertise to appreciate practical, comfortable, and functional designs to create unique interiors.

Mary Ann Kleschick Interior Design

This award-winning firm has one goal: to create a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Designers at the firm begin by understanding a client’s needs and wants. Then, the client is educated on the best interior design choices that will continue to remain relevant.

What’s more, the firm is dedicated to meeting deadlines and honoring budgets. Mary Ann Kleschick designers achieve a flawless interplay by finding a balance between top-notch fabrics, art, furniture, and state-of-the-art electronics.

Michelle Plaghter Design

Located on Square Park in Center City, Michelle Plaghter Design has been in the industry for over 18 years. The firm specializes in residential design and promises to deliver a fresh, timeless, and modern aesthetic.

MPD designers believe a home should be a sanctuary, filled with the things that make up happy, inviting colors, and items that reflect our ever-changing life experiences. Contact them today and witness as your space is transformed into one that is beautiful as well as functional.


Whether you seek a whole house makeover or a simple upgrade to one of your rooms, finding the right interior designer for the job is the first and most crucial step.

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