Try to learn more about solar car park lights


There are many open spaces in the outdoor parking lot. But the car park lighting is an independent design and works alone. It has no problems where the parking lights are used even more. You will know the benefits of solar parking lights over LED street lights.

Install anywhere

Solar street lamps now don’t need to be connected to the grid. It is ideal for installation in remote areas, rural roads, and more. It is installed in prone regions of distant places because they need a safety performance.

No more electrical wiring

Solar car park lights will save time and money not by trenching to traditional electric wiring. Installing the base pole in a concrete foundation can take time. Solar power gives the light in a day, not weeks of digging and pouring concrete.

Saves on the electrical bill

Since you are using a solar street lamp, it is powered by the sun and has a 100% off-grid lighting system. It will not produce any electricity charges, and it will not cause any pollution to nature. It will offer a 100% energy lighting system where the solar street lamp is well-applied in some places with high electricity charges.

Less maintenance-free

Solar technology improvements and updates make the solar street light quality suitable. The failure rate is lower with the installation record and project engineering data. The maintenance cost is low for distributions of solar lighting users.

Smart control

The users can control the lighting modes from a remote control or application. They can switch it on or off, adjust the brightness and choose a mode depending on the weather and environment. It can monitor every component status and failure detection in the mobile app.


The luminosity is why you are getting lights in the first place. The watts measure the power used by the bulb, and luminosity is the measurement of the brightness made by the bulb. LED lights are turned upside down. It is four times as good at turning watts to lumens than ordinary street lights. It means it offers less energy usage for the same brightness. With innovative technology, you can control the outdoor lighting system better. You can control the brightness from your office. Different parts of the parking space can brighten at other times.

The parking lots need different brightness levels at other times. It is to save money and boost its energy efficiency. Most parking owners know the peak times and periods with low-frequency movement. The remote software functions turn into bright solar lights. It is the best solution for a particular environment. The data collection can enhance the parking lot’s energy efficiency and ensure the parking space is used to its capacity.

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