What is the Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy All About?


You are reading this blog means the name on your Turkish Airline ticket booked for the upcoming journey might be printed wrong. If yes, then this article is for you. Here you will

learn everything about the Turkish Airlines name correction policy and how you can change the name.

Turkish Airlines is one of the most sought-after airlines in the world that offers numerous flights to domestic as well as international destinations. The airline has a strict policy regarding changing the name on a ticket, and only a few exceptions are allowed according to Turkish Airlines name correction policy.

In general, if you have made a mistake while entering the passenger’s name on the ticket, you can request a change in the name only if it is done 24 hours prior to departure. The correction fee will be based on your fare type and travel route, which means how expensive your ticket was. It may vary from $50 to $150 per person for international tickets and $25 to $75 per person for domestic tickets.

You can make the Turkish name change request directly with the airline or through a travel agent. In both cases, the passenger must submit valid identity proof like a driving licence, passport, or any other government-issued ID card mentioning their correct name. The Turkish Airlines name change won’t be processed without submitting the proof.

Moreover, if you have bought your ticket using a credit card, then you will also need to submit a copy of the front and backside of that card to complete the Turkish Airline name correction process.

Can I Change The Name On the Turkish Airlines Ticket Just Before The Flight

No, you can not change the name on your Turkish Airline ticket just before the flight. You should send the request to the airline 24 hours before departure. Otherwise, the Turkish Airline name change will be rejected.

So, if you need to change the name on your Turkish Airlines ticket, read this article carefully and follow the steps mentioned here. With a valid ID proof and credit card copy, you can easily request a name change according to the Turkish Airline name correction policy.

I hope this article answers all your queries about the Turkish ticket name change policy. In case you need any other assistance, comment down below. We are always happy to help! Happy Flying!

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