What should you avoid while buying an Android TV?


As with most things, technology has simultaneously simplified and complicated life in various ways. One of the most difficult decisions to make nowadays is the type of product one wants to purchase, as there are numerous options for most products like music systems, computers, and kitchen equipment. Also, the internet has made it possible for everyone to have lots of options when choosing vendors or a product that they like.

The scenario is the same when it comes to android TV or even a simple mobile device that one can carry around daily. There are a few aspects of buying a TV that should be clear in the minds of the customers, without which it will be impossible to narrow down the choices for the best buy.

What are the common mistakes when buying a TV?

The point below highlights the common mistakes people make while buying an android television for the first time.

Going into a store without the right information can lead to difficulty while setting up, for instance, one of the key point to remember is the size of the TV and the placement. Often, customers order online or visit a store and come home with something that does not fit, and requires many modifications for setup. This is not only very expensive but also a time-consuming process, which could have been simplified by simply taking the measurements before starting out. As televisions started out being small, and size is only a problem now as 65 to 75 inches is really large and can possibly turn the room into a theatre.

Another common issue is that with all the new technology updating frequently, it is easy to get confused and fall for many of the advantages, which are really marketing gimmicks by the brand. Often, the features sound fancy and exciting, but actually rarely advantageous to have on the TV for the user.

Although these high-end televisions are renowned for producing high resolutions pictures, they are not reputed to have the best sound systems. Speakers need space to be fitted into and most televisions are flat nowadays, and there is actually not much room to include good speakers for the same device. It is probably advisable to buy a separate sound system to set it up with, especially for people whose TV sets are in larger rooms.

Extended warranties don’t really help much unless one is expecting their television set to be battered or damaged somehow. Most of the time, extended warranties are a way for the company to make extra money, as most sets nowadays will last for years.

Choosing a system that has many HDMI ports is ideal, as families with young children often have many gaming consoles to attach, and it is necessary to check before the purchase. Lastly, there are many families that have other modes of entertainment and only buy an android television set due to it being a popular gadget. This is a waste of money, as there are many service providers that are good sources of entertainments if one is not hung up on the gadget itself, like Apple TV, Amazon, etc. Having these types of entertainments sources means that one does not need to purchase an Android TV.

Therefore, if you are opting for a simple Smart LED TV, with an android box, that too will work, rather than making a fresh investment. The android smart TV has been revolutionizing the entertainment industry, and the systems will continue to improve with newer and modern technology for improved applications, that are intuitive and have some form of artificial intelligence in the future.

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