What to Know About Building Inspections


People buy houses for various reasons. It could be a home for a growing family, a property that can be rented or rented for profit, a vacation hideaway, or an asset in a portfolio. Whatever the reason, real estate is seen as a significant purchase that no one wants to go wrong with. Invisible problems like expensive structural repairs and pest infestation should be avoided at all costs. For this reason, a home inspector must inspect the premises and make sure everything is working correctly.

When looking for an inspector, you should ideally look for someone who specializes in construction and pest inspection. There are many qualified companies on the market. Here are some things to consider when searching:

Registration details

Check out the inspector’s resume. Are they licensed to inspect buildings and pests? How long have they been in the field or how many inspections have they carried out? Experience is an asset. Another plus, if they have construction experience. So they know something about construction.

Ready answers

Take the time to speak with a potential inspector and ask questions about the review process. A professional should answer her questions without hesitation, especially if he has been doing this type of work for some time.


Ensure your inspector is fully insured, which means your insurance will cover any errors or omissions made during the inspection.

Is it guaranteed?

Ask if the inspection service offers a guarantee for proper repairs that may be necessary within a reasonable period after the inspection. For example, if the heater usually works during inspection but stops working later during the warranty period, the inspection company will carry the repair.

What reports do they provide?

Ideally, you want an inspection service narrative, not a long checklist. Ask if they can provide you with a sample. This can sometimes be found on the inspector’s website. See if you like the way it is written and if you can easily understand its content. Also, check the thoroughness.

Can you go together?

Ask your potential Adelaide building inspections if you can come when they are conducting an inspection. This should not be a problem for a trusted service. Also, ask how long it should take. Unless the team is asked to inspect the home, a complete home inspection will take three to four hours.

So what does all this add to the cost of building a house? You can usually count on less than 5% of your total budget. Your local building management will be happy to provide you with a list of all fees, and I recommend that you do this first when thinking about construction.

Where to get compliance assistance

Ultimately, you most likely need help to get your plans through the construction department approval processes. As always, I recommend the use of experienced construction professionals and recommend a home construction coach. Your coach will refer you to other professionals as well.

Another suggestion is to use a local architect, designer, or copywriter in conjunction with a civil engineer. With this approach, most of your fears will disappear, as you will design the house according to all the rules.

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