When Music Affects Your Whole Body


Music is a language of its own and is one that crosses language barriers, cultural divides and ages. It is something that can unite people and make them feel connected to one another.

Music for business like those you can find at mood media in store music  company can have an effect on a variety of functions within our body – especially in our brains and here are some of the reasons why.

  • Listening to a piece of music can cause the hairs on your arms and the back on your neck to stand on end. This is sometimes called “goose bumps”. When hearing a piece of music that you connect with, either because it moves you on an unconscious level, or because it reminds you of a particular person or time you will find that the hormone dopamine is released into your body. Dopamine is linked to positive emotions, motivation and desire. It is this connection between music and dopamine that make music so powerful. It can help you through difficult times in your life as well as giving you positive feelings during moments of doubt or uncertainty. Dopamine release gives us pleasant feelings and a sense of euphoria which is akin to addiction. Our brains thrive on stimulation and on the release of dopamine and other feel good endorphins and music helps to provide this.
  • Music affects our brains on incredibly deep levels and those that we are not aware of. It is believed that it can affect and have a positive impact on the motor, emotional and creative parts of our brains. This is one of the reasons why listening to music whilst you go for a run or workout in the gym can actually enhance your performance and stamina. This is because music acts as a distraction for our feelings of tiredness and pain that may be associated with a workout.
  • Our mood can be compliment, enhanced and even negatively affected by the music that we listen to. This is because our preference for a particular music type at any given moment is linked to the emotional engagement that we have with that piece. Music had the ability to also impact the way that we perceive the world around us. It is through our eyes that we make sense of our surroundings and navigate through our day. But listening to music can affect the way that we see things, for example an upbeat piece if music may mean that you notice all the positive things about your day more than the negative and vice versa.

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