Why Asian Americans Excel Further in Spelling Bee?


It is clear that from the middle of the 1990s, we see that Asians, particularly the Indian Americans, have excelled at winning the competition. In 2020, while the battle was canceled due to COVID-19, we noticed that many of the contestants were past years winners and runners up. Most of these winners and runners up are comprised of Indian or Asian heritage or background. At the same time, there have been talks of having a spelling bee online, which would not include any real audience. While the idea seems feasible, it is still in doubt whether the audience at home would like it or not. But the main catch from the recent development was that why do Indian or Asian Americans excel so much at the competition than contestants from an American background. Upon researching, a keen partly found out that there were multiple reasons as to why people Indian kids were much more efficient and successful in such competitions.

One of the primary reasons as to why Indian people were much more efficient in such competitions was due to the fact that Indian parents want their kids to at least excel in their academics which makes them spend a lot of time and money onto their kids so that they receive as much help they can in becoming successful. This is why Indian kids turn out to be much better in academics and competitions, which may incur sight words and complicated spellings. All such things Indian parents provide in terms of academic support makes these kids that much more effective in their work. In comparison, American parent doesn’t push their kids to focus their energies into academics. American teenagers may indulge in activities such as sports, dramatics, online or offline businesses, and in other interest-related activities.

In comparison, the native people don’t have any burden to work hard due to their already available privileges, while such luxuries may not be available for Indian people. Since Indian and other Asian parents have seen the difficulties in their native countries, they have shifted to such developed countries to provide a better future to themselves and their kids. Hence, they have no other option but to excel in the condition they have. This provides the reason as to why so many Indian parents invest so much time and money into their kids.

Indian parents also stress their kids to focus more of their energies onto their academics since it helps their kids to have a better shot of getting accepted in a reputable university. Many American parents either struggle to meet ends to let their kids go to universities or their kids find a new interest, which leads them not to pursue further studies. This makes the Indian kids much more competitive in nature and highly skilled in their dealings. This is constituted as another reason as to why Asian kids are much better at the spelling bee. In the current environment, such kids have been away from their academies and educational institutions for which they have now turned their focus to websites like the spellquiz. Such websites are a great source of learning, especially under the pandemic situation. Students are becoming rusty, sitting at home while teachers themselves are struggling to work along with the new ways of working. Hence, such websites are a great source of learning due to their well-defined mechanisms. Websites like spellquiz provide activities such as intuitive tasks and group assignments. This not only makes the learning process easier and joyful, but you end up making more new friends. This is why the registered users on such websites are increasing day by day.

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Another interesting take on why such Indian kids excel much further at competitions like spelling bee was that most of the Indian families were not struggling financially. The study showed that on an average income of the families of the past years’ winner and runners up were nearly 100,000 dollars per year. While in America, an average family earns around 53,000 dollars per year. This showed that in reality, these Asian families had many more resources which allowed them to have their kids indulge in such activities and competitions. This is provided as a supplement to fulfill the parent’s goal of providing a better future to their kids since winning such competitions leads to the winner getting airtime on ESPN. This helps kids to build a better future for themselves, considering that they have achieved so much early in their life.

In conclusion, these are some reasons why Indian students have shown better results in the competition. Apart from their competitive nature, they have been assisted by all sources, which helps them to become better in their academics. Besides, the high family income also adds a supplement to providing better ways for kids to get better at the craft.

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