Why do you need an Unmetered Dedicated Server?


Do you wonder about the need for an unmetered dedicated server? Consider the following aspects to understand the requirement for an unmetered dedicated server.

1.Dedicated servers with high performance

You can easily handle any task, from a crucial business application to a high-traffic website, with SSD storage, high-memory variations, and the newest Xeon processors. An unmetered dedicated server also benefits the company with the rapid growth of websites.

Most of the hosting servers come pre-configured with a RAID 1 setup to ensure data redundancy.

Their top-tier data center infrastructure, backed by redundant ISP links and Neustar’s DDoS protection, ensures exceptional performance and no compromises.

2. Instant provisioning

For automatic and fast management of their Hosting servers, as well as speedy deployment, they employ a trusted open-source software platform.

With a simple click, you can begin hosting your website or applications with no further expenses or delays.

They not only deliver a fully functional server in minutes but also handle hardware replacements in the event of a failure.

3. No Hidden Fees or Overage Charges

When using traditional hosting, it is important to keep track of how much bandwidth you are using. If you go over the limit, you will be charged an average fee. Many hosting firms charge between $0.05 and $0.25 per gigabyte if they are abused. That means that if you use 10 TB of bandwidth inadvertently, you could be charged a whopping $2,500. With unmetered dedicated server hosting, this is not the case. This service aims to give the most cost-effective infrastructure solutions to users. You will not have to worry about unexpected charges at the end of the month if your traffic spikes.

4. Expand Your Services

Almost 13% of customers watched a live game stream in 2020 and more than a third of internet users engage in gaming or social live streaming. Furthermore, from concerts to workout courses, live feeds are progressively displacing their physical equivalents. Businesses can take advantage of this trend to broaden their consumer base and increase customer loyalty.

To increase customer engagement, you may include live streaming, apps, online games, and other services on the website.

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