Why Should One Be Using Copper Nails For Roofing


When it comes to handling roof repairs, not every homeowner might be thinking of using copper nails for the project. The very idea of using copper nails for roofing does not sit well with many homeowners as they are not aware of the many benefits that it brings along with it. At the same time, homeowners are not also aware of the different kinds of copper nails that are available for roofing. Getting in touch with experts might help as they can guide the homeowners in making a rightful purchase.

What are the various types of copper nails?

 There are primarily two kinds of copper nails that can be used for roofing. While shopping for copper nails at any home improvement store, one can come across copper clout nails and annular ring clout nails. There are other kinds also like copper pins, slates, straps an disk rivets. The use of copper clouts and annular rings is common for roofing purpose. They are primarily used for slates and roofing materials such as tiles. Usually, they are available in various sizes as the requirement fro different project differs. Any good manufacturer will keep all the varied sizes of copper nails for roofing so that the are able to answer the needs of all customers.

Copper nails for roofing are also popular because of its ability to withstand the natural elements. They don’t rust easily, not corrode, which makes them a perfect choice for roofing projects. Most importantly, they are perfect for residential projects based in the coastal areas.

You can also opt for copper clouts as the promise a better longevity than compared to other nails. Copper nails can be put in easily into a sturdy wood, and they can be easily pulled out as well, without getting ruined. That does not compromise on their strength or functionality. Many homeowners consider using galvanized nails too, but using them is not a good idea because they tend to corrode away easily. For that reason, the roof slates are often seen to slide off the roof easily. Copper nails for roofing are known to hold the roof in place. They are durable and last longer, require very little maintenance, and are easy on the pocket.

Disk rives are yet another thing that you can consider using exclusively for any usage related to roofing. These can be used to hold slates or fibre cement tiles in place. Nowadays, many homeowners consider using fibre cement tiles over traditional tiles as they are simple and easy to replace. When you use copper nails for these, the job becomes all the more easier.

When it comes to holding the roof in place, there should be no compromise on quality and price. Copper nails for roofing is not going to break your bank. Remember, that your are investing in longevity and stability of the roof of your house- which is priceless. Copper roofing nails will not only last longer, but also provide ease when removing a broken slate from your roof for fixing. The pointed tips of the copper nails provide easy insertion into a surface to help minimize the risk of damaging the metal sheets. If the roof deck is made of plywood, the sharp diamond point of the copper nails also get in smoothly to avoid wood splintering.

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