Why You Should Use Videos In Your E-learning Courses


E- Learning varies from our good old traditional methods of learning and teaching and we might take a great deal of time to get used to this phenomenon. However, in such times we need to adapt to this new way of learning since online tuitions might just be the ‘new normal’.  Sitting in front of the computer for hours together to gain knowledge might sound like a tiresome and dull process.

However, we cannot run away from this ‘new normal’ for very long. Therefore, we must focus on what we can do to make this experience more delightful and accepting. By using technology to our advantage, we can make learning more engaging and interactive for both learners as well as the teachers.

One such way this can be done is through the incorporation of videos in the process of learning. Below are a few ways in which videos would facilitate the process of e- learning:

  • Creating your own videos, using the pre-existing ones or a mixture of both can be a brilliant technique to add fluidity to the learning process. These videos can be used to put across large amounts of information to your learners in a fun and easy way. With the various features at our disposal i.e.. Graphics, animations, special effects etc. we can make this new way of learning extremely fruitful and effective.
  • The use of videos or visual stimulation can prove to be a very powerful tool to grab your learner’s attention and put across what you need and intend to.
  • The use of videos in learning would also help build and enhance the student’s knowledge, thus, strengthening the understanding and concepts of the learner.
  • With the vast variety of videos and the exhaustive content they offer, learners and teachers can pick and choose what fits them best and incorporate it in a manner that would amplify the learning experience in its entirety.
  • These videos could help increase student engagement and interaction as well as encourage him/her to think out of the box.
  • Videos act as points of reference many-a- times and learners can go back to them whenever they need to revise, clear a doubt or even understand a concept all over again. They can start, pause, rewind or even stop the video as per their convenience and comfort levels.
  • Even for teachers, the use of videos for ib math tuitions might help strengthen and facilitate the concepts they want to put across to their learners which otherwise may seem boring or very complex to teach.
  • The videos offering activities for the learners to do/perform can prove to be very beneficial- the learner gets to know about himself/herself and things around him/her in a fun and interesting manner.

To summarize, these are some of the many ways in which the incorporation of videos in the e-learning process can be extremely favorable to us and helpful to magnify the process. Therefore, these must be incorporated to maximize the benefits of e- learning.

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