5 Reasons Why E-Commerce Websites Should Opt For Cloud Hosting


Digitization has changed the way we live our lives. One of the biggest disruptions has been in the way we shop for products and services. E-commerce platforms have made shopping easier and more efficient. We can now shop for anything we want from the comfort of our homes.

However, running an e-commerce platform is no mean task. Displaying hundreds of products, ensuring site speed, security, and availability, and creating an engaging user experience makes the task very difficult for an e-commerce site owner. This makes choosing the right hosting plan crucial.

There are many hosting plans available today. Of these, Cloud Web Hosting has evolved as the perfect hosting service for e-commerce platforms. In this article, we will look at five reasons that make Cloud Hosting the best option for e-commerce websites and help you choose the best Cloud Hosting plan for your online store.

When you buy Cloud Hosting, multiple servers host your site data. This offers the following benefits to e-commerce platforms.

1: Resource Scalability

One of the most attractive features of Cloud Hosting for an e-commerce platform is the almost instant scalability of resources. Social media platforms and search engines are the primary drivers of site traffic and one post or article going viral can result in an exponential increase in site traffic.

If the site does not have adequate resources, then it can crash during such spikes losing the brand image and SEO ranking. With Cloud Hosting, since the site has access to multiple servers on the cloud network, adding resources is near-instant.

2: Better Uptime

How would you respond if an e-commerce platform is frequently down? Probably look for another platform to shop, right? Online users have a low tolerance for sites that face frequent downtimes or performance issues. Hence, it is important to buy a hosting plan that ensures maximum uptimes. With Cloud Hosting, there is no single point of failure. Also, your site’s data is mirrored across the cloud network. This allows the host to offer 99.9%+ uptimes.

3: Fast-loading websites

For e-commerce platforms, site speed is an important feature for many reasons. While the primary reason is that users and search engines prefer sites that load quickly, an e-commerce store needs to display hundreds of images to offer shopping options. This means heavier pages and hence, the need for an apt hosting service. Further, since users buy products on these platforms, they prefer fast sites as that ensures that their payment processes are not interrupted due to site speed.

With Cloud Hosting, you can be assured of fast speeds since the resources are spread across multiple servers. Also, the providers offering the best Cloud Hosting services use CDN and caching servers to further boost the speed of your site.

4: Value for Money

When you launch an online store, every penny needs to be spent wisely since it all translates into costs that can lead to a higher margin to cover while selling the products or services. Web hosting is a recurring cost. Hence, the cost-efficiency of the hosting service is important. Choosing a cheaper plan to save money can be a counterproductive strategy if it does not cater to your site’s requirements. Cloud Hosting is designed to grow with your business. Its resource scalability feature allows you to increases resources as your site grows; offering maximum value for money.

5: Security

Site security is a critical requirement for all websites. However, for e-commerce platforms, this holds more importance since users share personal and financial information on the site. Cloud Hosting offers one of the best security features to websites and its architecture is designed to keep your site secured from cyber-criminals. The following video explains the data security aspects of a Cloud Hosting setup:

How Safe Is Your Data In Cloud Hosting?

Summing Up

As you can see, Cloud Hosting is ideal for e-commerce stores. However, it is important to remember that every site is different and has specific hosting requirements. Therefore, ensure that you assess your site’s hosting requirements and choose the right hosting plan. Good Luck!

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