Finding a seat cover and floor mats for your vehicle may be very tricky. But it is not a complicated decision if you have a proper idea regarding the different types of seat covers and floor mats. Otherwise, the knowledge of the design, the colour patterns, the material as well as the quality of the covers may be of big concern to you. Therefore, arming yourself with the knowledge of the different types of seat covers and floor mats available in the market can prove to be crucial when you are choosing them.

Types of seat covers

the class of the vehicle and the budgetary constraints that you have can be a huge deciding factor in choosing which seat cover you should opt for for your vehicle.

Leatherette seat covers

these types of seat covers are the most common ones. The material is not actually leather but a proper replacement for leather. These seat covers are extremely affordable, durable and offer a lot of comfort. Such seat covers are made of high-grade vinyl and are very easily cleanable.

If you do not want to go for leather seat covers, you can always opt for leatherette seat covers. The material is very breathable and will keep you cool even in the case of long drives. Despite repeated cleaning, the seat covers will not lose their good appearance and colour and will last for a longer period than you have expected.

Leather seat covers

leather seat covers are mostly the ideal choice when it comes to sedans or luxury vehicles. Normally for vans, people do not opt for leather seat covers. The primary reason people go for leather seat covers is the feel of the leather.

Fabric seat covers

if you want a budget-friendly seat cover for your car, you should opt for fabric seat covers. Fabric seat covers are the perfect seat covers for vans as well as family cars. Go for the right fabric, depending on your choices and tastes. In the case of fabric seat covers, there are many styles to choose from.

Custom car floor mats

if you want a floor mat that is very specific for your vehicle, you should opt for custom car floor mats. These mats are specifically designed to fit the make and model as well as the year of your vehicle. There are many companies that customize the car mats to fit the specific contours of your car’s floor. You will find custom car floor mats in a variety of materials like Berber, vinyl, rubber, etc.

Vinyl car mats provide vinyl protection to your car floor, while the nylon floor mats are denser and thicker. You can also go for rubber floor mats because they are heavy-duty and capture more dirt as well as moisture. Before you decide which type of car floor mat you want, have a look at your budget, your requirement for durability and material needs for your car interior.

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