A brief introduction to Cheap Dedicated Server list available on the internet


What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a term related to the entire web hosting business. The website of the owner has its server hence called dedicated. It makes the website a flexible approach and a more powerful. Initially, the owner invests on a cheap shared hosting plan. But with time and increase in volume traffic, the owner now shifts to Cheap Dedicated Server service. Only creating the website will not work now. The traffic volume should be increased as well. The dedicated server will draw more visitors to the website. Hence the business will flourish more.

What is the importance of choosing dedicated server plans?

  • Increase in traffic: If there is an expected hike in traffic in the next consecutive period, one should think of these servers. Otherwise, the performance of the website will slow down. It will decrease the interest of the person browsing the website. Indirectly it will reflect in the poor annual revenue collection of the website.
  • Security purpose: For good documentation of sensitive information, it is important to keep the website secured from hacking and virus attacks. It can be a confidential mail or a credit card CVV. There are several plans offered by the hosting company that gives guaranteed security. Here the website owner can fully trust a person who experts in security concerns.
  • Optimal page loading time: With a Cheap Dedicated Server, one can optimize the bandwidth criteria required for page loading. If the page loading is taking time, bounce rates will go higher. It falls under the category of performance criteria of the website.
  • Control criteria: Whether it is a hardware operation or operating system, the dedicated server gives complete authority to the user. It is a big thing since now no dependency factor is acting. To operate the website, he/she can hire web developers.
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What are the types of cheap dedicated servers?

France and Germany kind of Dedicated Server list has been discussed below. They are cost-effective plans and preferred by the citizens. Each of the servers is designed for a special objective. Now it is up to the user about what to choose from the list.

  • Gaming dedicated server: To host a multi-player role-playing game, a server is required. It gives better customization. No problem is faced by the player he tries a different version of that particular game. With a minimum storage capacity of 500GB for backup, more space can be obtained.
  • Storage dedicated server: these kinds of servers are the only options for backup and storage. With a huge disk space, a better archiving can be done. The storage space is calculated in Terabytes. The big companies require massive backup for their projects. They can support the largest processing unit.
  • Windows dedicated server: It is mainly designed for business purpose. For the smooth running of the business on the World Wide Web, it is a resilient and safe option. The uptime availability is higher compared to other servers. The advance management system takes care of all the major and minor faults.
  • Linux dedicated server: It supports multiple databases. SQL and MySQL are some of the examples. It supports various scripting languages like C and ++. It falls under the category of fully-managed hosting. Robustness and reliability are the two important parameters that Linux is famous for. Most of the companies are fond of Linux due to its structured performance.
  • Proxy dedicated server: Proxy acts as the middleman between the user at the source and server at the destination. The server processes the request from the user and shows the destination. It prevents the user from using the original IP address. The user can do surfing without the original settings and customization. A dedicated proxy server is a personal server that is visible and beneficial only to its user. Online privacy or surfing is the main concern behind the proxy dedicated server. Apart from that, the user wants to change the IP address or bypass internet blocks. In these cases also, this server proves to be a safe option.

VPN dedicated server: With the help of VPN, the user can connect to multiple servers. A dedicated IP address will be given to him. The FTP server can be designed with the original IP address now. VPN permits that. The dedicated VPN will allow the employees to surf the website from any location. The same IP address can be used to login in the Apps multiple times. The downtime is an issue with dynamic IP. But VPN provides a static IP thus the risk of downtime can be prevented to a great extent. The online threats are also resisted by the companies. The IP address given to the website owner is a white listed component. Hence network security is of highest concern.

  • VOIP dedicated server: For any global or national company, VOIP is the best option. It facilitates good quality audio and video on a single interface. VOIP gives a reliable internet service. Hence the website can be accessed even from a remote location.
  • Streaming dedicated server: Live video streaming is as popular as YouTube and Facebook. But without any hosting service, it is not possible to deliver the content to its user. The dedicated video server is launched for this purpose. The thing to avoid is poor video quality. For streaming a live session, high bandwidth is mandatory. Moreover, the multiplayer gaming experience can be enjoyed better with a good and effective hosting plan.
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Many bloggers and freelancers are now using their content-rich websites as a true source of income. To have a rapid growth in the business, the software industry has launched certain tools. France Dedicated Server is one of them provided by the Onlive Server. Now the website owner will not have to worry about the proper functioning of his/her website. By choosing one from the above-mentioned varieties of servers through Onlive Server, more focus will be now on the content development of the website.

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