Canadian Journalism in Crisis


Although in Canada journalism was proceeding with leaps and bounds. However, the recent decade has not been very kind to Canadian journalism. Cutting down of jobholders is going on in Canada now and then.

Layoffs are getting too common in Canada. The journalists are required to seek their job opportunities somewhere away from Canada. One of the reasons behind this is that due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of the migrant workers are requested to make their way to their home countries. Hence, the number of journalists working in Canada has rapidly decreased. The effect of this activity of cutting down employees on the economy is another side of the story.

The presence of the internet and the promotion of virtual work all around the globe have also contributed to turning the tables in Canada. To explore more facts, I would recommend you to read more about Nick Gamache The House.

Let’s dig deeper into the analysis of its decline.

Breaking Down the Numbers of Journalists

Many of the journalists have laid down because employment policies in Canada have abruptly changed. There are some of the journalists who are employed permanently while others are employed by the organizations of news.

Some of the journalists who are employed by the organizations consider their job as of primary importance while others know that they are employed permanently and would hardly be terminated. So, they consider themselves that being a journalist is of secondary importance, not putting enough effort into their job tasks will render their performance ineffective.

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Number of Journalists Employed in Canada

The number of journalists employed in Canada is significantly more in the previous decades. However, the ratio of journalists hired by the news organization on a contractual basis has gone down to almost 60 to 70 percent in Canada. So, when their primary focus would not be their job roles to perform effectively then their performance will surely decline.

Moreover, very few journalists in the position of permanent employees have been working in Canada. On the contrary, the journalists are significantly low in ratio as compared to employees belonging to different other departments. In the world of journalism, read about Bob Woodward

Marketing, public relations, and advertising have even more employees in their departments as compared to those of the journalists. Growth in these sectors has also rendered the journalists who are non-serious with their jobs ill-fated.

Final Thoughts

Journalism would die a natural death if the journalist won’t remain honest with their jobs. What is the point of paying them such a huge sum of money every month? The only solution to save some revenue to invest in a better place is to fire those irresponsible beings. The only implication that comes alongside it is that journalism is moving towards its decline.

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