Delicacies You Can Still Enjoy in Quarantine


Quarantine! Lock Down! Corona! COVID-19!

Well, these four words have brought life around the globe to a standstill. People are helpless and can’t move out of their houses. We know you also hate this current phase, and it is justified. Just a few days ago, you were out with your friends visiting places, having fun, and eating many delicious dishes from restaurants and bakeries. But now, all you have left with is home-cooked food, which is really good for health but it lacks excitement. Many restaurants are forced to shut down operations temporarily, and online food delivery applications have paused their services. But hey, the party is still on! There are many bakeries who have resumed their online delivery services of bakery items. So, don’t get upset as we bring you the list of toothsome delicacies that you can still enjoy in Quarantine by using services such as online cake delivery in Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Delhi or wherever you live.

JAR CAKES – Well, if you are wondering what a jar cake is then, let us tell you that these are delicious cakes enriched with exotic flavours and cream enclosed in a small cute jar. They are new-age delicacies that come stuffed in a glass jar. The best thing about jar cakes is that you don’t need a container if you want to keep them in the fridge. Jar cakes are best suited to cater the little sweet hunger pangs. If ordered from a renowned bakery, jar cakes can make you drool over them with every single bite.

Cupcakes –  Cupcakes are that delicious treat that you can have any day any time without waiting for a special occasion. From mouthwatering Chocolate cupcakes to Vanilla cupcakes, Red Velvet cupcakes to Strawberry cupcakes, you can order any flavour online in this phase of Quarantine. These are the most popular and cutest dishes containing the richness and deliciousness of the cake. You can order cupcakes for the whole of your family and can enjoy them together after lunch or dinner.

Cakes – Are your family occasions such as birthday or wedding anniversary falling into quarantine days? Are you worried about how to celebrate it? The answer is cake! Birthdays and wedding anniversaries can’t pass without having a cake cutting ceremony. There are many online bakeries providing cake deliveries during the lockdown. Try to get your hands on designer cakes as they are the perfect delicacy to specificity the reason for merriment. A cake is one item that brings a sense of completion to all your occasions and special days. 

Pastries – There is no doubt that parties are the most eaten bakery item due to their handy size, toothsome taste, and high availability. This delicacy is good to enjoy little parties with your friends and family. At times between breakfast and lunch, when your tummy carves for some sweet food, pastries should be your shot. Pastries are just like a piece of cake. Mostly in triangular or rectangular shapes.  But round-shaped pastries are also famous among bakery food lovers. 

So, what will you order?

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