Victoria Barbara – What Should You Wear If You Have Wide Hips


If you have wide hips, you should feel proud as stars like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira proudly flaunt their hips with amazing fashion choices. In fact, you, too, can do the same by being aware of what works for you and what won’t. When you make the right style choices, you can grace any dress with confidence to make heads turn your way in admiration.

Victoria Barbara – Fashion advice for women with wide hips

Victoria Barbara is a popular fashion blogger in New York, well known for her high end and street style fashion. When it comes to the latest 2020 trends and style advice for women, she regularly shares tips and advice on her official blog for women of all ages. She says women with wide hips often approach her to seek her suggestions on what they should wear to flatter their figure. She says there are several style alternatives for you to look glamorous –

  1. Dress up your upper body- Choose strapless styles and halter-neck blouses when you are looking for ways to complement wide hips. Necklines with shoulder pads, a cowl, or ruffled in nature will look great with your figure as well. These tops will balance out proportions and draw attention more to the upper part of your body.
  2. Be smart with your hems- When you are choosing your tops, be clever with your hems. They should never reach the widest point of the hips. They should either touch over or under this point. If you are problems finding the perfect top with the desired hemline, choose one that is asymmetric in nature. They can either have a fringe or an open cut so that you get a flattering look.
  3. Go in for dresses that have an A-line- Dresses that are A-line in nature flatter the pear-shaped body. These dresses and tops concentrate on the upper body to take attention away from the thighs and the hips.
  4. Experiment with colors and prints- You should experiment with a wide range of colors and prints. Vibrant colors should be worn as tops. If you wear light, bright, and vibrant colors as bottoms, the hips and waists will appear wider. Avoid wearing these colors if you want your waist and hips to appear slimmer.
  5. Wear pencil skirts with a high waist or dresses that are slim fit- These dresses are an excellent choice for women with wide hips. You can choose a slim fit dress with peplums to look amazing. These dresses give others the illusion of an hourglass figure if you love to highlight style. If you are not too fond of the accentuated look, you can choose a top half that is a close-fitting one having a flared skirt.

Victoria Barbara says that if you have big hips, you should choose the above style options that will flatter your body. Check out style inspirations at and buy colors that you like. Make sure the tops are bright, and the bottoms are darker to create the perfect balance before you step out. Now many women online shop offer plus size clothes as well, you could find various cheap plus size formal dresses for weddings on Ever Pretty even for your wedding.

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