Save the Indians those are stuck in Japan


The death toll and positive cases of coronavirus – COVID 19 is increasing day by day in India and in other parts of countries too. Till now worldwide positive cases recorded are – 19,81,239 with the number of deaths rolled to – 126,812 whereas the number of recovered are – 4,86,622.  The recovered numbers have enlightened the light of relief and satisfaction among the people and with the necessary measures things will become normal like usual.

The panic created by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The rush around the world is on halt and all the crowded roads and splash of vibrant colors are on rest. Nothing is behind the curtain rather every person knows the novel coronavirus took rise from the Wuhan city of City, infecting 81,708 people and killing 3,331 of them by Monday this week.

The latest cases and numbers from the city are still missing and taking into consideration the population of India Prime Minister Modi took the step to lock down the country. Restricting people from coming in and going out only with the exclusions of a few hours for replenishing groceries, medical emergencies, and other essential services.

How to get out of a foreign place and be home?

With the prevailing news, India is fighting against novel coronavirus and strongly heading towards the actions and preventive measures. The global epidemic is moving ahead and causing considerable damage to lives – many are facing problems in getting food, some are troubling commuting while some are away from their home.

As per the lockdown 2.0, the government announced to suspend all the passenger flights till May 3 and will end the restriction on domestic and international flights till 11:59 of May 3. But about the people stranded in various parts of foreign countries and how they will survive – especially the students studying in the UK, USA, Philippines, Japan, Moldova, and Ukraine.

In simpler terms no one can either come in or come out and so, how did Indians will tackle the problems they are facing so far. Students and other people in foreign countries are trying to tell their stories through social media – their daily routine with limited stocks is to eat, sleep, study and repeat.

There are many Indian who are stuck in Japan are continuously asking for help through social media channels and they want to come back to India as its becoming quite difficult for them to wait till lockdown gets over.

All-day and night locked in a room they are wondering whether they will get out of this place or not. With the conditions and another lockdown, they have little to smile about. They are doing things in repeat mode with various challenges that are just too immense.


  • The supplies are scarce in the nations and they have very limited money and time to get all those necessities.
  • There are so many people not accustomed to the food choices they have.
  • The prices of everything are roofing up and nobody is realizing that they are just students far away from home trying to stay alive at such unprecedented times.
  • Not everyone speaks English hence creating the communication barrier and adding up the challenge.
  • Indians facing interrogations as people are they don’t want the risk and taking chances with coronavirus.

Lockdown Extension

One of the latest and recent information in India is – respective Prime Minister NarendraModi addressed the citizens on March 14 at 9 a.m. regarding not spreading the pandemic. And take the measures the Supreme Court looked into the pleas of people stranded in foreign and asked them to “stay where they are.”

One of the wide reasons for the situation is to avoid more spread of the virus and when Gov took some of the evacuation operations and rescued people from other nations – they were subjected to quarantine in India. That event was taken into action when the cases and situations were grim.

But the Indian government concerning the plea has asked the embassies in the foreign nations to take care of the Indian people and students with the necessary accommodation, adequate health, and medical support if needed. Moreover, the government is urging the families to be in touch with their relatives and family members, guiding the significant measures to take.

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