Factors That Affect The Prices of Shipping Containers


When buying a shipping container, you can find many affordable prices. It is easy to buy the first cheap container that comes across. However, you need to understand what is included in shipping container prices to determine if this is a great deal, as good as it sounds. Many things affect the cost of SCF shipping containers: size, availability, location, condition, the length you need the container to be, and additional features or modifications.

The size can affect your price because a more common size, like a 20ft or 40ft steel container, will be of better value as there are more. It will also be easier to find these used sizes as they are the most common, especially for overseas shipping. If you need a larger or smaller container, you may need to look further afield to get a good deal.

Your physical location can also affect the price of your container. If you are near a seaport, you are more likely to be close to several container retailers. You may even get an excellent used steel container from a local shipyard. However, you may have to pay for shipping if you live far from available containers. You may not get the best selection as you cannot see it in person. If you decide to inspect the objects personally, you must come for this. Be sure also to check out the train stations in your area.

The length of time a container takes is the main determining factor in shipping container pricing. You should familiarize yourself with new, used, and rental car prices. New containers are, of course, the most expensive, but they are the best for real shipping purposes. A used container is an excellent option if you plan to use your container for self-storage or moving. It’s cheaper and most likely still in very usable condition. Renting is what you need if you need a container for a short time.

Condition and age also affect the price when using or renting a container. It should not be a factor for a new container as it must be in excellent condition. However, make sure someone isn’t trying to sell you a used container of excellent paint and pass it off as a new one. When checking the condition of the container, be sure to look for cracks or holes that will break the integrity of the container to keep it dry. You will also want to make sure all doors are working correctly.


The last determining factor for shipping container prices is modifications or additional features. There are many options for modifying a container. The standard steel container is supplied without any extras. It will be simple and strong, perhaps with a door if it is a large container. If you plan to use it for construction, you can install additional doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, and insulation.

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