Grading An Assignment: Get An Assessment With A Good Marking


Understandably, an assignment can be tricky or with a twist. Not all teachers will give students good practice in a particular lesson. There might be a specific lesson, and when an assignment is given, there is little difference in the lesson – a twist to be called to challenge a student whether they understand the lesson. There are numerous tools to assist in the efficiency of assignment marking.

Some features allow for an easier marking experience for teachers and guaranteed results to be processed in an appropriate time frame.

Marking allocation

The right allocation needs to be assigned. An assignment marking is divided between teachers with the desired arrangement or more properly, within the tutorial classes. There is a helpful guide to describe how to set up marking allocation for the assignments.

Moodle assignments provide opportunities for the students to demonstrate and learn the ability to achieve the course learning objectives. Managing the student’s work using an assignment includes the grading interface where entering grades and providing feedback to students are performed.

Grading an assignment

An assignment activity requires a student the submission of file graded by an instructor. Every assignment is configured to use one of the three grading methods:

  • Grading guide. The instructor will give a grade for every assignment based on the criteria defined by a form. A form allows the instructor to join a point value for every criterion using a text entry.
  • Simple direct grading. The instructor only must apply one numerical point value to every assignment to grade it.
  • Rubric. The instructor will grade each assignment based on the criteria defined by a form. Also, it requires the instructor to choose a point value for every standard using the predefined levels.

Simple direct grading method

Most assignments are configured using this grading method, the option is through default. The document’s purpose is to illustrate how to grade assignments with this method.

Simple direct grading is the most commonly used grading method, where the grader provides a final grade and feedback to the students. The grading method is used for the Moodle Assignment. A Moodle Assignment is the most commonly used grading method. Marking guides or rubrics are recommendable for high-stakes tasks, but simple direct grading is great for smaller assignments.

Moodle Assignment is an excellent activity allowing you to evaluate students’ work progressing through the term. Assignments will allow the students to submit work for three forms:

  • grading
  • text-typed
  • uploaded files

There are many ways to grade an assignment using a kind of grading method. You can refer to using and creating grading guides for assignments and using and creating rubrics for assignments. If you are a teacher who wishes to take a tutorial on how to grade an assignment, you can even take a course and get trained.

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