Here’s what you should know about car park barriers


Barriers are a common sight on roads these days. They serve as a safety measure for the public including motorists as well as pedestrians. An Armco barrier is made of heavy duty steel or robustly galvanised steel that can withstand the impact of a car.

Purpose of an Armco barrier

Armco barrier, also known as crash barriers are used to prevent vehicles from losing control and going down a steep slope, off a bridge into a school yard or pedestrian area. Armco barriers offer sturdy protection for the driver as well as an object or a person who is on the other side of the barrier. Parking barriers can prevent a head-on collision from traffic coming from the opposite direction.

If you’re deciding to put up Armco barriers, it’s best to first check with the safety barriers suppliers and planners to decide the possible areas of collision. It would also be good to know all about the method in which the barrier needs to be positioned so that it can reduce the impact of a collision.

Different types of barriers

Roadside barriers: Such barriers can defend the traffic from obstacles or hazards that can prevent rollover crashes. These barriers are used with medians to avoid vehicles colliding with risks within the median.

Median barriers: These barriers help to stop vehicles from crossing over the median and hitting a vehicle. Unlike roadside barriers, median barriers are designed to withstand an impact from both sides.

Bridge barrier: Holding vehicles from crashing and plunging down the side of a bridge, roadway or river is what a bridge barrier does. It is higher than the usual roadside barrier. It prevents trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles from rolling over and falling.

Work zone barriers: These kinds of barriers help in guarding traffic against hazards in places where work is under progress. The work zone barriers can be moved and are widely used during road repairs and related work. There are two types of work zone barriers. One is a temporary concrete barrier and the other a water-filled barrier.

While the concrete barrier can be a huge chunk of concrete that remains as a barrier, the water filled barrier is made of steel-reinforced plastic boxes that are formed as a longitudinal barrier, filled with water. Such barriers have an advantage. It can be lifted without the help of heavy equipment. But at the same time, it cannot be used in cold weather.

Major benefits of Armco barrier or crash barriers

Reduces congestions and traffic jams: Installing Armco barriers on highways and roads can help in reducing congestion and traffic jams. Lesser traffic jams help in safe and effective driving and also helps people reach their destination on time.

Increases road safety: One of the main benefits of using Armco barriers is the increased safety feature that it offers. The crash barriers are designed to drastically reduce the number of accidents. Armco barriers can stop a vehicle that goes out of control, from entering the opposite lane, avoiding a fatal or direct crash.

Reduces maintenance:  Highway crash barriers require lesser maintenance when compared to any other road safety barrier. They can easily withstand high impacts. They also last for a minimum of 30 years with low maintenance cost.

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