Improve Your Paraphrasing & Rewriting Skills


You can improve your rewriting skills for many reasons. It is essential that you can rewrite the original text in a different format.

Paraphrase Sentences Tips

  • First, let’s acknowledge that the text must include the original textual content. It is not enough to replace words with synonyms.
  • Although you should not add personal opinions or views to the textual material, It is essential that you clearly distinguish your idea from the original author.
  • It is also important to understand how to attribute resources using sign words and “in accord with …””.”. This will enable you to present your source without allowing for plagiarism in your textual content.
  • Rephrase the ideas and phrases of another author in your own words
  • Paraphrase sentences should be understood. To convey the exact same meaning, you should not use the same phrases.

Paraphrasing refers to a description of the author’s unique ideas in a group of elements or all together.

You should avoid looking at the original text to reduce the tendency to reword. It is better to read the whole content.

One of the paraphrasing tools online can help you get started and finish your content. Try, this is one of the best paraphrase tool available online.

These are the basic guidelines for paraphrasing sentences. To paraphrase the original text accurately, you must be able recognize it.

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