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Cricket is one of the most favorite sports played in our country. From gully cricket to an international sport, cricket is supported and loved by everyone. Many people of different age groups show immense love for this sport. They show their great interest and engagement while watching cricket. Have you ever wondered, what if you were able to form your cricket team and play this sport? You can play as much as you can and it will be fun. Sounds great know? And getting all of this on our mobile phone makes it even better. This is being possible by online games platform known as fantasy games. Talking in the field of cricket, it is known as cricket fantasy games.

This is a huge platform where a person can form his team and play the game online. The real players play online cricket with the virtual ones and can win points for the same. Afterward, the points earned by the players can get converted into real cash. Nowadays, many persons are getting interested and getting into this online play. Millions of users are already playing these games and winning. Not only because they love cricket but also because the virtual games are fun and if they won then they can even earn from it. After winning, they can withdraw the money from different sites suggested by the gaming website. As money is involved, people have to be very careful while playing such games. To avoid this, people search for the best fantasy cricket games online so that they can be free from the fear of investing their money in the wrong place. But before entering this virtual game field, the person should keep that mind that risk is involved in the area and a person can even get addicted to these games.

Here are some tips for the people who are entering the fantasy cricket games field:

  1. Selection of players – For forming a team person should keep that in mind that the people he is forming a team with should be the players who are professionals and good players which can make him win. Selection of players is really important while playing a game as we they lose the game, money is gone. And as it is an addictive game person can get involved in a money crisis. The players selected should be interested in this kind of virtual play. Every player should be good at their respective field. There should be a group of players who are good at batting, some good at bowling and wicket keeping.
  2. Legal Contest – A people should play these cricket games on a legal site. The person should make sure not to get involved in any illegal site while playing the game. He should participate in the various contest organized by the virtual platform. They should choose a valid contest where they can earn money. The person should participate in many contests offered but with full information. The person should make sure the check if the contest involves money and if it involves money person should be more conscious. Playing legally will help the person to keep his money safe and in a guaranteed period.
  3. Choosing a captain – Being a field cricket or cricket on mobile both things need a team and every team needs a captain. The captain should like those who work together with the team and take their reviews in various places. Choosing the right captain for the team is very important because playing as a team is important and making the team play properly is done by the captain. Without a captain and a vice-captain, the players of the games will have misunderstandings and there will be a problem between the players. The selection of the captain should be done after some games and matches so that team can get a great captain who can help them grew together.
  4. Stay updated – The person should stay updated with all the announcements about the tournaments and matched schedules. By staying updated and informative person will never miss a chance of a great opportunity for the same. The fantasy games platform makes new announcements daily so the player or any one member from the team should stay updated for every small or detailed information regarding true events or tiny matches which can be a good opportunity for the team players to earn money from these mini-matches and not from the actual match.
  5. Toss before the match – Many players forget to check the update of the toss before start playing. Being a toss, the player should get to know which team is bowling and who is batting. With this information, they can create strategies regarding the match and can play accordingly. These strategies will help them to play more precisely and they can even win the match.

From the tips mentioned above, we can say that Playing fantasy cricket is enjoyable but on the other hand, it is risky too. Not because it involves money but also because the player has no idea who he is playing with. People may enjoy playing these matches but it is addictive and people can get addicted to it. So, people should make sure to enter a legal place. People should not be searching for illegal sites to play free fantasy cricket. Playing cricket has also taken a modern turn and established these platforms where people can enjoy playing their favorite sport and can even earn money with. People who are interested in these things and find pleasure in playing these games and think that they are good at it can take part in tournaments. If not more an actual match, they can go for a small tournament event which they got want a higher risk while playing. Before playing the game, the person should that in mind that this fantasy cricket is a real game played by real players but the component is not a person but a virtual person. If people are ready to take a risk and love Cricket, they should try this.

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