Know the age of the drink in tequila


Aging spirits appear to be a straightforward mathematical equation: the greater the number and the longer it ages will be the rarer spirit. Right? Not always, in fact. In virtually all circumstances, older whiskey and spirits are of higher value. However, with tequila, you must be careful not to over-age the liquor, or it will lose its agave flavor. In Los angeles tequilla shop, there are many kinds are known as aging and the amount of agave utilized in tequila production. Each type has a distinct flavor, scent, and price.


Reposado means “reposado,” and these tequilas mature in hardwood barrels for two months to a year. Its hue is often a light amber. With traces of vanilla, butter, and brown sugar, the flavors are somewhat woodier and less herbaceous.


Tequilas aged one to three years are known as anejos, which translates to “old” or “aged.” The hues of the wood get more golden as it ages. You may expect a smoother tequila with notes of spice, earth, smoke, vanilla, caramel, and peat. Because of the extensive maturation, anejos are often more costly than reposados, yet the two are interchangeable for most drinks. I recommend starting with reposado and seeing how you enjoy it before investing in an anejo.


Blanco tequila means “white,” also known as silver tequila. These tequilas are bottled perhaps immediately after distillation or resting in hardwood barrels. French and American oak barrels get utilized, but for up to 60 days, some businesses employ ancient Spanish sherry casks. These tequilas’  from Los angeles tequilla shop tastes and smells might be herbaceous, flowery, lemony, and somewhat fruity. Poblano and green pepper vegetable notes may prevail.


Tequilas are all mezcals, but mezcals are not all tequilas. Tequila can only got manufactured from blue agave, but mezcal may get from up to 28 different agave species. For a few days, agave is frequently cooked underground on hot rocks or over cone-shaped flames. As a result, the spirit has smokey tastes and smells. Mezcal is often sweeter and heavier than tequila. Mezcal is for you if you like peated Scotch whisky and the fragrance of smoky barbecues.

Extra Anejo:

Anejos get aged in wood for three years. These are the most costly tequilas and should get consumed exclusively to enjoy the subtleties of flavor, fragrance, and skill. The taste is woody, with a more prominent burned caramel flavor reminiscent of old whiskey or rye. It’s worth the cost if you want to become a tequila enthusiast.

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