Know what to look for when buying a swaddle blanket


A lot of parents use baby swaddle to aid baby sleep better. It makes them feel comfortable and safe, decreases startle reflexes and provides them a sense of security. That is needed to help you comfort them once they are upset. Swaddling is an ancient practice of wrapping infants in clothes or blankets. Thus the movement of the baby’s limbs is restricted to avoid any mishap.

Nowadays, the number of baby products to select from is overwhelming. It can feel like it is available around every corner there’s another brand trying to sell you a pacifier, a onesie, or a toy. When it comes to swaddling blankets, that will be wrapped around your baby, the key to selecting the correct one is ultrahigh-quality fabric. There are a lot of benefits that swaddling can offer to your babies.

Check out the benefits of swaddling:

  • It prevents them from flailing their legs and arms, which can trigger their startle reflex in many cases.
  • Proper swaddling aids your baby in feeling secure and safe as she adjusts to life outside since a swaddling blanket makes the environment that was in their womb.
  • It also makes your baby warm and cozy until her internal thermostat kicks into action.
  • Swaddling also prevents your baby from overheating since the baby’s body heat can get away through the open weave.

Know what to look for when choosing a swaddle blanket

  • Choosing the fabric

When you begin browsing for the baby’s blanket, you will see a lot of swaddle blankets made of various fabrics. Usually, organic or soft bamboo or cotton is recommended. Depending on the swaddling type, it can be muslin or stretchy, this will go into further details later. Any of these choices would be amazing for newborns, yet if your baby has sensitive skin or has a particular condition. Swaddles that are manufactured from bamboo are ideal.

  • Breathable and soft

Your baby has sensitive and soft skin, and you like to ensure that any material coming in contact with that skin is not going to make any issues. A swaddle blanket must be soft enough and high-quality.

  • Neutral and Calming

You also need to consider the color of your swaddle blanket. You prefer to have neutral and soft colors that evoke a sense of calm rather than big and bright shades and energizing patterns. Look for light browns, dusty pinks, and pale greens that will not be distracting to babies when they go to sleep.

  • Versatile and Durable

Swaddling is a huge part of the first few months of a newborn’s life. You like a swaddle that can manage this wear and tear and that will stand up to a lot of cycles in the laundry machine.

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