What do you have to assess in buying online bike lights?


The use of cycling lights will have different output levels and features. A guide will help you find the latest models and understand lumens. There are other features you must know when you buy bicycle lights online. The use of bicycle lights can be used for commuting, off-road, and road. There are differences, but you will understand them once you know how to choose a bicycle light.


Lumen is one of the usual descriptors that you will find in light. It will not tell the whole story for brightness and will be the best place to start. The more lumens it has, the more light it will produce. It will be a lot more that goes into the brightness compared to the number of lumens, but all of it is the same. The higher the count, the better the intensity. The bicycle lights can start as low as 30, and you can use them for more than 2,000.


The bicycle has a particular light that can mount to the handlebars and seat posts. When you have aero bars or seat posts, it will be hard to mount the lights. Most lights use velcro or a screw that can tighten the handlebar or seat posts bracket. When you have a specific bar, like a non-circular surface can be a problem. It is because it is bigger than the standard diameter. You must ensure that every light and mount is accessible to your bike.


The lights can be USB rechargeable, or it needs to use batteries. The modern lights are USB rechargeable with a Lithium-Ion or have the same battery. It will save you money because you don’t have to buy batteries, and it is more convenient to use to keep it charged. For the lights that need to use in a storm, you must get them to the nearest supermarket or service statin. There are high-powered lights that require a pack of batteries and plugged into the light to work. When you need more light, you must ensure that both of them can manage it. After you get installed a light, bell, and GPS, you may have space to mount something else.

Bulb types

LEDs are responsible for using modern light and changing it to halogen bulbs. LEDs are one of the things that are best for you to use than halogen lights. It will use lesser energy to produce the same light. But it has been phased out because LED technology is now available.


The lights will depend on the weight, brightness, and battery size. The lights can weigh 25g, and the see with lights will range from 150g. You have to expect the lights to consider more than the rear ones. They have more brightness to light your way.

Using bike lights has been developed over the last few years. There are now rechargeable and streamlined batteries. You don’t have an excuse for not being able to see at night. It is best to use a bike light that gives you more time than your usual ride length. And you don’t have to forget to bring a spare light when planning to ride for extended distances at night.

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