PGs are now available in Mumbai at Affordable Rates


Everyone knows Mumbai is a costly place to live and finding a place to stay in one of the toughest parts in Mumbai. And if you happen to go through a broker then, you will also have to pay the broker a huge amount as they are very demanding. But there are also direct ways of approaching the PG owners. It is also recommended that if you are moving to Mumbai, then choose PG to stay because it is much affordable. And if you are choosing a hostel then you will get it at a distant place which will be far from your workplace and you may need two commutes. And this all becomes hectic. So, one of the best options is to select a PG. And at every place these days PG’s are available which makes it easy for the office goers.

Sanitized PG

In Mumbai, you will get many PG. And now, that the whole world is facing a global pandemic, it has also become important for people to take safety measures. You will get a good PG in Mumbai. Also, the PGs are a safe and hygienic place where you can stay. The owners are also taking all necessary steps to keep the place sanitized and hygienic for the people to reside. So, you can trust them. You will get all facilities in the PG including food, and laundry, house-keeping, and much more. The rooms are nice and spacious. There are no uncomfortable, small rooms that you will get.

Lesser Rate

Many people think that PGs are costly and you have to pay more. But the fact is that in Mumbai, the PG owners are now renting their PG at a much lesser rate due to the pandemic and that too with facilities. Along with food, you also get a space to cook your meals. And when it comes to furniture every room has enough furniture like a table & chair, bed, cupboards, add-on furniture for other stuff. The rooms are neat and clean. Plus, they provide bedsheets and curtains. PG in Navalur is also a good place to stay for the job doers and students especially.

Extra Facilities

If you are under an impression that PGs don’t have much to offer, then you are wrong. Some of the PGs have many facilities like free Wi-Fi, TV, free power bank, paid food services, ironing, etc. They give you comfort like your in your own home. Some of the PGs may not provide you with a parking space, but most of the PGs do have a parking lot for their tenants. You can check online for the PGs and there also images online which give you an idea about how the room looks or how well does it suits your budget and need. Plus, the PG these days are having a camera for surveillance so can be assured about the security of your belongings. The rooms also have air conditioners and heaters. The bathrooms are attached and have geysers too.

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