Things That Can Easily Cause Eye Strains, In You


The condition in which your eyes get tired refers to eyestrain. The reason for eyestrain is excessive use of a computer or screen or driving to long-distance places. 

When you stare at a computer or digital devices continuously, it can develop the eyestrain condition in you. It can irritate you, but it goes away after taking complete rest of your eyes or doing other things to decrease your eyes’ discomfort. You can consult the UAE best hospital for better guidance on eye strains. 

In some cases, specific symptoms and signs show that the eye condition needs particular treatment to recover.

Symptoms Of Eyestrain

Following are the specific signs and symptoms of eyestrain conditions.

  • Soor or burning eyes
  • Itching eyes
  • Headache
  • Dry or watery eyes
  • Tired eyes
  • Blurriness in vision
  • Double vision
  • Sore back, neck, and shoulders
  • Increase in sensitivity towards light
  • Concentration issues
  • Feeling that you cannot focus and keep your eyes open.

Right Time To See A Doctor

Try some natural remedies and self-care steps for eyestrains. If these do not work and the condition disturbs you most of the time in a day, then see your doctor.

Causes Of Eyestrain

Following are the common causes that induce the condition of eyestrain in you.

  • Looking for a long time at the screens of digital devices
  • You are frequently reading without giving rest to your eyes or taking pauses.
  • If you are fatigued or have stress 
  • Trying to see in dim lights.
  • If you expose your eyes to glare or individual bright lights
  • Doing activities that need extended focus.
  • Driving to long-distance places
  • Uncorrected vision issues (refractive error)
  • Problems of eyes
  • If you expose your eyes to the moving dry air of the fan
  • Exposing eyes to the system of air-conditioning

Use Of Computer And Other Digital Devices

Continuous use of digital devices and computers for a long time develops the condition of eyestrain in you. According to the American Optometric Association, it’s a computer vision syndrome, or you can say it digital eyestrain.

People who use computers for more than two hours daily have chances to develop this eye condition.

Eyestrains develop in people more who use computers as compared to the people who read printed material. The reason is;

  • Blinking keeps your eyes moist, so when you use a computer, you blink your eyes less.
  • You use digital devices that have reflection or glare.
  • Use of devices that have a lower contrast between the background and the texts.
  • Viewing digital screens at a specific angle or ideal distance and when you don’t move your shoulders or body.

But in some cases, some eye problems like imbalance of eye muscles or uncorrected vision can induce eye strains even it worsen the eyestrains of computers.

Here are some other factors that play a vital role in making your eye conditions worse.

  • Glaring on screens
  • Poor postures
  • Setup of the workstation of computers
  • Air-condition or circulation of air
  • Nearby fan

Complications Related To Eyestrains

Usually, eyestrains don’t have long-term or severe results, but it can prove irritative and unpleasant. Even it makes you feel tired and reduce your focus.

Diagnosis Of Eyestrains

When you see a doctor, your eye doctor asks specific questions related to the factors that induce more symptoms in you. He or she will test your eye vision and perform a particular eye exam.

Treatment Of Eyestrain

The general treatment of eyestrains includes changing your daily routine and habits. When eye conditions become severe, then people need proper eye treatment.

Doctors recommend glasses to people before doing specific activities or using computers, even reading books, etc. It helps to prevent eyestrain conditions.

Doctors may also suggest daily eye breaks that help your eyes to concentrate at different distances.

Your Lifestyle And Use Of Particular Home Remedies

Following guidelines will prove very helpful for you in reducing eyestrains.

1. Adjustment Of Lightning

Keep your room lit softly when you start watching television because it makes your eyes comfortable and more manageable. The light source should be present behind you when you do any close work or read printed materials.

Set the light directly to your task that you are doing or onto the page which you are reading. Shaded light should be set in front of you when you read at the desk. Shade prevent your eyes from the shining of light directly.

2. Take Pauses

You have to take a break while doing close work. Occasional breaks are suitable for your eyes. Give rest to your eyes and look away from the digital screen to prevent your eyes from eyestrain.

3. Time Screen Limitation

Limitation of time screen is essential for children, especially those who may not understand the extended viewing, resting of eyes daily, and eyestrains.

4. Always Select Right Eyewear

Choose contacts or specific glasses that are specially designed for people who do computer work. You can also ask the optometrist about the tints and lens coating because these might help you too.

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