Why Fastbase became the most Popular Tool used by Businesses?


With abundance of reasons floating around, there is no need to think too much as to why lead generating tool Fastbase has become one of the most popular ones that is used by businesses worldwide. The simple reason for its popularity is the fact that every business organization, irrespective of it working scale, needs qualified leads to grow and develop a company. With an amazing work this tool is doing, there is no doubt that its popularity spread colossally.

Lead acquisition approach

This software has three lead acquisition methods that can be used in the favor of its clients. It is the primary reason for companies gravitating towards this software since its inception into this market. These three techniques comprise of:

  • WebLeads
  • InMarket Leads
  • Sales Leads

Have a look at these in detail!

1. Web Leads

For Google Analytics, the website visitor tracking system or tool of this software allows users to discover organizations of every size, which shows an interest in a user’s business. Moreover, it offers clients details of all pages that one visits a site and views, information searched by traffic, etc. Merging all these benchmarking data along with monitoring of in-built webleads; aid this tool’s client to clearly understand potential digital audience.

2. In Market Leads

This is a powerful tool/acquisition technique, which shows details about companies that are searching or browsing the internet with keywords that is relevant to user’s business. The details of such firms include that company’s location, key contact information, etc.

Such InMarket Leads’ users have the ability to choose different leads depending on company location and keywords used by them. Moreover, it allows users to utilize filters for generating leads centered on search dates for keywords.

3. Sales Leads

Fastbase has a database that holds details of over 134 million active companies globally. These companies are categorized by Google Industry Index for efficient operations. In addition, this company holds the entire directory of valuable contact information for organizations in its database like company background, address, name, website, contact details (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.), industry of said companies, and more. Users of this software are allowed to directly download relevant data into CRM system or Excel.

Apart from lead acquisition methods, the free and paid version option has also attracted business organization from every corner of this world to use this software. The free version comes with restricted access of data and some valuable features; however, using it will still permit a user to receive leads that would be beneficial for a company.

Nevertheless, most organizations opt to switch to the paid versions for better results and reap all the perks this software has to provide. Moreover, price charged for outstanding services is quite reasonable.

These are some of the reasons as to why this software became the most popular lead generation tool that is used by companies. If you want to reap benefits too, then it’s time for you to start using it. Start with the free version as a trial run and then you can upgrade to paid ones.

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