Yellow Roses Symbolism and Planting Tips


Life is like a rose garden — watch for the thorns and keep the pest dust handy”

Most of the roses stand for feelings of love, romance and more but when a bouquet of yellow roses is passed onto the recipient, it stands for reciprocating feelings of friendship and not of love. So, it can get very wrong on someone’s part if they pamper their secret crush with some yellow roses and end up getting friendzoned by them, instead. Decades ago, yellow roses had somewhat a pessimistic symbolism etched to it wherein they used to speak of the jealousy one used to hold for the other person. But with changing times, the vibrant yellow-hued roses became associated with optimism, warmth, joy and also happiness.

If you are planning to plant these little bundles of happiness and sunshine in your backyard or lawn, then here are a few things that you should probably know about the yellow rose plantation.

  • Yellow roses need to be planted where they receive full sun with light shade in the afternoon to save them from the scorching heat. If the yellow roses are exposed to full heat the colour “yellow” often fades away.
  • Pair up the bright coloured yellow roses with shades of orange, red or pink in equal intensity to make it seem equally vibrant.
  • Fix a white arbour or fence to support a yellow climbing rose. Why white? Your roses will appear brighter then.
  • Try out some 1/3 to 1/2 cup Epsom salts around the roots of each yellow rose at the beginning of the growing season. Also, don’t forget to water it well. The Epsom salt being rich in magnesium will tend to deepen the colour of the flower, leaves and boosts production. If not Epsom salt, you can use some of its substitutes like sea salt, table salt, vinegar etc in the right proportion.
  • Trim your yellow rose plant into halves during the winter season. Remove the old decaying cane and the dead leaves from the plant. Ensure the plant is able to breathe and sufficient space is there for air circulation.
  • Cut off the roses whose colour starts to fade. The lower you cut, the more time the plant will bloom once again. But the flowers will be larger with the stem will be stronger enough to support them.
  • Best time to plant a yellow rose plant is in the spring after the last frost.
  • Since roses don’t like wet soil, the planting hole needs to be dug deep and wide enough to ensure good drainage.
  • Prepare a compost by mixing garden compost, peat moss, or other organic matter with the soil and use it while planting the yellow rose roots.
  • Fill the planting hole with the soil mixture and further add slow-release fertiliser.
  • Water generously after filling up the planting hole. In case you are planning to plant some other rose roots, then leave some space of 3 feet for both the rose plants to grow and be able to breathe.

So, these were some of the planting tips to plant a yellow rose plant with utmost care and love.

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Make sure you prune and fertilise them frequently, as and when needed to keep their beauty intact and the plant happy.

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